BioTerra Herbs Achieved Non-GMO Project Verification on Entire Line of Herbal Supplements

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Irwindale, CA; July 1, 2014 – BioTerra Herbs®, a California-based company passionate about clean and honest herbal products, showed its true colors this week with the announcement of its entire line of herbal supplements passing the rigorous and independent, third party Non-GMO Project Verification process!

    • “Non-GMO Project Verified affirms BioTerra Herbs’ passion and never-ending strive for providing only the best herbal products possible,” said Jerry Chou, CEO, BioTerra Herbs. “With this exciting feat under our belt alongside our time-tested herbal formulas and side-splitting packaging, BioTerra Herbs is now a triple threat. The entire line of herbal supplements that cover health issues consumers see every day, prove to be the healthiest alternative to supplementing a healthy, honest, and happy lifestyle.”

      BioTerra Herbs Non-GMO Project Verified

BioTerra Herbs’ product line includes:

      • Energy “boing” – boosts energy without stimulants*
      • Sleep “z-z-z” – relieves occasional sleeplessness and promotes restful sleep*
      • Snoring “shush” – reduces snoring, improves quality of sleep* and is known as a “spouse’s best friend”
      • Mental Focus “huh?” – boosters for mental clarity and supports concentration*
      • Digestion “belch” – reduces bloating & gas, and relieves stomach discomfort*
      • Vision “zoom” – promotes eye health and supports visual function*
      • Stress “gahh” – mastering everyday stress and is upliftment for men & women*
      • Immunity “zap” – supports immune system & response*
      • Detox “ahhh” – eliminates toxins, is a gentle internal cleansing and supports liver function*.

The Non-GMO Project is a non-profit organization committed to preserving and building sources of Non-GMO products, educating consumers, and providing verified Non-GMO choices. The Non-GMO Project offers North America’s ONLY third-party verification for products produced according to rigorous best practices for GMO avoidance.

About BioTerra Herbs
BioTerra Herbs is a new (and, quite frankly, awesome) company that provides healthy, drug-free herbal supplements that are as active as you are. All products are strictly herbal, vegan, gluten-free and now Non-GMO Project Verified! These symptom-based herbs not only help your body’s natural healing process, but also help your quality of life and overall health. Learn more about BioTerra Herbs at and find them actively spreading the herbal love across social media! You can snag a bottle of your own online at superstores, & Pretty soon, they will be in a store near you!

Start living better by maximizing your body’s effectiveness… because it’s hard to climb life’s mountains upside down!

Life has hurdles… Go herbal!




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BioTerra Herbs Launches Seriously Effective and Seriously Fun Line of Herbal Remedies

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IRWINDALE, CA; June 3, 2014 – Has shopping for herbal supplements ever been fun for you? Let’s face it, spending time in the health and wellness aisle can be both boring and tricky. How do you know what really works? Well, take one look at BioTerra Herbs®, and you’ll see why this company offers seriously reliable results, with a dash of side-splitting laughter. The BioTerra brand is fun and the packaging is comical, but the science and research is nothing shy of spot-on genius. BioTerra Herbs is the greatest way to leap life’s hurdles by going herbal!

In a world where many so-called herbal products have dangerous ingredients like magnesium stearate (scary!), BioTerra Herbs are vegan, natural, globally sourced (eco-sustainably, of course), gluten-free, GMO-free and manufactured right here in the USA. BioTerra Herbs believes in healthy, drug-free options for people of all ages.

The company has launched a new line of nine herbal supplements to aid everything from soothing an upset stomach (late-night pizza bender, anyone?) to shushing that special snoring someone (who has kept you up for three nights straight).

Consumers are already talking about how effective BioTerra Herbs are. Bloggers are giving rave reviews: “BioTerra is on to something here!” “I think I have found my sleeping solution!” “I give ‘boing’ two very happy AWAKE thumbs WAY UP!”

BioTerra Herbs are available for purchase online at and with the retail megastore, and Look for more exciting places to shop for your favorite BioTerra Herbs at retail outlets (both online and in stores) soon.

The BioTerra Herbs product line includes:

Sleep (z-z-z)
You have too much to do and not enough time to do it. Between studying, working, exercise (yes, that too), life commitments… our days become riddled with anxiety and we can’t shut off our brain! Relax… this little bottle will help you catch some z’s and put your mind on “snooze.”

Snoring (shush)
Ever wake yourself up with your own snoring? Even if you don’t hear it, everyone else does! This little bottle is your loved one’s new best friend. Everyone deserves a good (and quiet) night’s sleep, so show some love and silence the beast.

Energy (boing)
Remember the high school girl who literally bounced into a room? Well, put the “boing” back in your step. No jitters. No crash. Just honest, natural herbal energy that will help you get through your day. Who knows…maybe they’ll start to call you energetic!

Stress (gahh)
When an assignment is due in 10 minutes, you promised to bring cupcakes to the kids’ school fundraiser, and your phone is swimming in the toilet, relax. We’ll give you a second in paradise. Mahalo…

Detox (ahhh)
No one has time for a 14-day cleanse! Our 2-day detox formula purifies the body when it’s convenient for you. Just remember, it’s not recommended while you’re camping, stuck in traffic or going on long road trips.

Digestion (belch)
After you indulge in an ever-so-pleasing, heavier-than-your-house meal sent from the gods, do you get sacked with that bloated feeling, like you’re a busted can of biscuits? We’re here to relieve that uncomfortable episode of I-think-I-might-pop in a natural way.

Immunity (zap)
Don’t let anything keep you from your epic quest of awesomeness. Let our mind-blowing blend of herbs be your sidekick. Zap those cooties and boost your immune system for less achoos, less sniffles and more planet-saving adventures!

Vision (zoom)
Is it just us, or do our eyes go greatly under-appreciated? They do some pretty marvelous stuff, yet we rarely take the time to throw a little love their way. Those little peepers are rockstars. So the time has come, dear friends, to take care of those eyes and see strong!

Mental focus (huh?)
Whatever the epic task – punching keys on a computer, cramming for mid-terms, or training for a hula-hoop triathlon opposite grandma – it’s time to buckle down and zone in on the assignment at hand. Put your game face on – grandma is going down!

BioTerra Herbs provides healthy, drug free supplements that are as active as you are. These symptom-based herbs not only help your body’s natural healing process, but also help your quality of life and health. So live better by maximizing your body’s effectiveness with BioTerra Herbs … because it’s hard to climb life’s mountains upside down! For more information on BioTerra Herbs and for a full list of the herbs included in each product, visit



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BioTerra Herbs @ The Grammys!

BioTerra Herbs participated in a gifting suite for the Grammy’s! That’s right! We spread the love with celebs, nominees, performers and presenters!

Here is the Press Release via PRNewsWire:

Red Carpet Events LA To Host In Honor of 2014 56th Annual Grammy Awards Luxury Gift Style Lounge Nominees and Presenters with Fashionable and Trend Setting Gifts

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif., Jan. 21, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ — Red Carpet Events LA will hold their annual Grammy Awards Style Lounge on Friday Jan. 24th, 2014 at the famous W Hotel Westwood in Beverly Hills from 11 am- 6 pm. Presenters, nominees, celebrities, producers, directors and writers are expected to attend the Red Carpet Events LA Style Lounge event. This luxurious gala will be an “invitation only” lounge that will showcase an array of luxurious products and services such as inclusive trips, custom shoes, skincare, handbags, travel goods, custom jewelry, vodka, wine gourmet food, kids’ items and so much more. Over 50 sponsors in total, and will benefit this year’s Charities of choice:

African Millennium Foundation (AMF) seeks to target poverty, hunger and disease at its very root by providing African women and children with the necessary tools for achieving self-sufficiency.

Red Carpet Events LA is proud to announce their main sponsor; Appethyl™ – the new clinically-tested, patented award winning ingredient that is coming to the USA. A patented, all-natural and experiential appetite suppressing product from spinach. Green leaf Medical AB.

Featuring open work designs inspired by European as well as American designers, their magnificent timeless pieces can be simple with the elegance of turn-of-the-century pieces as well as the trend and detailed hand- milgraining to create a truly stunning look.

The sponsors will showcase and give away a variety of their Jewelry that capture the essence and individuality of every guest like nothing else.

Red Carpet Events LA will also be presenting sponsors who will be gifting Grammy’s nominees, presenters, select celebrities, stylist and media an array of products and trendy gifts filled the lounge including some unique fashions and accessories.

Red Carpet Events LA has added a regal touch to its “Luxury Gifting Suite” by bringing the latest of Monster, Inc.

Felio SIBY, creates clothing for confident men on the move; Joy and Mario a line of canvas shoes belonging to the fashion brand; Devotion Vodka is Sugar-Free Gluten-Free made from No GMO Corn and 6 times distilled; Elin Bianco a product that makes a woman look and feel her most beautiful; BODY SHOTS TEQUILA is a body shot that is consumed from a person’s body; WhiteyBoard: portable, reuseable, stick on white boards; Civic Duty Shoes are classic styling with signature argyle heel strip; GEEK EYEWEAR®‎ celebrates diversity, individuality, and creative enthusiasm of Geek culture; Modern Emotions ” NREDOM SNOITOME”; Ruby Roxanne Designs is a fashion accessory producer of hand-crafted cuffs for women, men, girls and boys; Jewelry collections from its sponsors like Designer Jewelry by handcrafted Pearl Bracelets; Nuwati Herbals is a natural remedies from the Medicine Cabinet of Mother  Earth” Handmade in the USA; Purity Organic is bringing delicious organic fruit and great tasting juices to market; BioTerra Herbs products are vegan, 100% natural perfectly engulfed in vegetarian capsules; Worx Toys are the coolest way to Discover how your favourite things work; Rafia/Vidakush Jewelry; Tikkun Holistic Spa create a relaxing and nurturing environment to provide clients with experiences that promote life-long health and well;  Peter W Inc. T-shirt means quality, being the best, and offers your endless wardrobe possibilities; Amy Martinson – Martinson Fine Art Photography, Fine Art Nature & Landscape Photography is dedicated to finding the wonders of the world that astound and inspire people; Little Yellow Zpot the friendly cartoon that makes kids life happier; Luxe Voice, leading online luxury publication, will speak for you to make sure your brand name will be known World Wide; 3Wolves Productions:Currently develops and produces quality entertainment with “A”-list actors, directors, and other industry professionals, want to make your first Hollywood Film.

Red Carpet Events LA make sure its guest will have a dream destination trip. Guest have the chance to receive luxurious trips from 5 stars hotels.

As guests leave they will be gifted an amazing gift bag with so many goodies from the following gift bag sponsors.

De Blossom Collection by Blossom Footwear company

Make My Day Beautiful!® Cosmeceutical Skin Care and Make-Up

ISO Beauty, Inc


The Frosting Queens

Kusmi Tea

Uzurii Luxury Footwear

ips All Natural


Design Essentials®‎


Pursenal Butler Purse Stands & Accessories

G-Labs ™ – Non Surgical Solutions

Food Should Taste Good

Cliffside Malibu

Vital Essentials

Sattwa Chai


BioTerra Herbs

Monster, Inc

Worx Toys

RunRunRun, Chicago based


O Loves M Eco Friendly Bags

Elin Bianco

Get Fit with Luca Pennazzato, Certified Personal Trainer

Red Carpet Events LA would like to wish All of the nominees Good Luck. To name a few…

Sara Bareilles, Katy Perry, Lorde, Bruno Mars, Justin Timberlake & Jay-z, Rihanna, Pink, Gloria Estefan, Tony Bennett, Mick Jagger & Keith Richards, Geezer Butler, Tony Iommi & Ozzy Osbourne, John Legend, Drake, Eminem, Kanye West, Kelly Clarkson, Tim McGraw, Taylor Swift & Keith Urban, Kenny Rogers With Dolly Parton, Paquito D’Rivera And Trio Corrente, Café Tacuba, Joan Sebastian, Marc Anthony, Billy Crystal, Pharrell Williams, Paul McCartney and to all that have been nominated…

About Red Carpet Events LA:

Red Carpet Events LA is known for producing exclusive events surrounding major celebrity awards shows, movie premieres, product launches and private entertainment industry related events. Red Carpet Events LA will be accepting submissions for the 2014 Teen Choice Awards Gifting Suite for August 8th, 2014. Red Carpet Events LA produces Exclusive Luxury Celebrity and Media Gift Suites during the major Awards Shows. Red Carpet Events LA can also be contracted to produce Gift Bags for various charity and celebrity/media events.

BioTerra Herbs products were in the Tote Bags that were given to the presenters and performers! You can see all the products below:

gifting-lounge_Tote bags

[Read full Press Release here]…


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