10 Perfect Gifts for Busy Moms on Mother’s Day

Every May, Mother’s Day creeps up on its unsuspecting victims, and sends people all over the world scrambling last-minute to find the perfect gift for mom. What kind of gift do you give the woman who seems to have it all? Finding gifts for busy moms can be hard, and chances are your mom is one busy lady.

With the plethora of tasks they somehow manage to juggle, moms are some kind of super heroes. (They’re also the best chefs, taxi drivers, and housekeepers). This year, get your busy mama a useful gift she’ll appreciate, one that is going to relieve some of that stress and give her a much-needed boost of energy. Need some examples? Here are 10 gift ideas for mom.

Mommy Rescue Bundle

Gifts for Busy Moms

These two herbal supplements will help your mom survive the crazy, messy, and chaotic world of parenthood, without a pesky crash later.  Shouldn’t every day be Mother’s Day? 

Kay Maher left this review for the Stress…gahh supplement:

“The BioTerra Herbs Stress…gahh product is very helpful in reducing stress. I am a mom of 6, and Nana of 12. When we have everyone over for a family cookout there are 25+ people. Having to cook, decorate, and entertain for all those people can be stressful – especially when there are small children underfoot, tugging at you to answer their thousand questions! BioTerra Stress helps me through these moments, so I shine for my grandchildren instead of being a moody, crabby Nana!”

Full-body Massage

Gifts for Busy Moms

Send her to the spa to get pampered with a full-body massage. Relaxing gifts like this will leave her feeling spoiled and refreshed. Getting those kinks and knots worked out will definitely refresh any mom to her normal self.

Yoga Class

Gifts for Busy Moms

Enroll her in a weekly beginners yoga class. Because yoga poses help get rid of anxiety, this is one of the best relaxation gifts you could give. You can also kick this gift up a notch by enrolling with her.

CD of Soothing Music

Gifts for Busy Mom

Listening to soothing music can have a very relaxing effect on the mind. There are loads of classical albums to choose from, or you can let her pick with a gift card. When times get tough she can just press play on her CD and feel the relaxation take over.

Essential Oils

Gifts for Busy Moms

If you think your mom would like to try some aromatherapy, try getting her an essential oil starter kit. Lavender oil smells amazing, and is especially believed to relieve stress and calm the spirit.

Gym Membership

Gifts for Busy Moms

Another one of our favorite gifts for stress relief is a gym membership. Exercise and cardio in particular are great for alleviating pressure and tension. If your mom has an especially hard day, she can take her frustrations out on the weight set. 

Dark Chocolate

Gifts for Busy Moms

Did you know that dark chocolate has a bit of caffeine in it? That’s right. This is yet another reason for busy women to love chocolate… as if we needed one more excuse. 

Black Tea

Gifts for Busy Moms

Black tea has just the right amount of caffeine in it to give you a boost of energy, while not leaving you with a painful crash, like some energy drinks. Sipping on the soothing tea will calm her nerves and give her a little pick-me-up. There are even flavored black teas to spice up her favorite drink.

Coffee Shop Gift Card

Gifts for Busy Moms

Get her a gift card to the best coffee shop in town. This way she can grab her favorite caffeinated drinks while she’s out doing mom-things.


Gifts for Busy Moms

Last but definitely not least, an all-expenses paid vacation is ALWAYS a good idea. This option is sure to leave her feeling revived, energized, and oh-so grateful. Because all moms deserves the very best!

With these helpful and meaningful gifts for busy moms, who needs a generic bouquet of flowers? Don’t forget- it’s also a good idea to get stress relief gifts for your mother-in-law, a close friend or sibling who just became a mom, and a mother-figure in your life. We can be a lot to handle sometimes, so let’s give moms all over an awesome Mother’s Day this year! Remember finding gifts for busy moms doesn’t have to be hard!

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