Let’s face it, the end of 2016 may have been tiring. But just because 2016 may have been a challenge, doesn’t mean we have to start the new year feeling the same way! Here are some starters that can help you prepare for a better, healthier, and yet…fun year!


Start new sleeping schedule


Did you ever think 2016 was a rough year due to lack of sleep? The lack of sleep was probably because of all the late night studying, deadlines, and overall was just stressful. Start 2017 with our Sleeping product. This little bottle will help you get some rest! It is filled with great herbs such as Schisandra and Jujabe. Give it a try! You may not need to ‘snooze’!

Sleep… snooze™

Start meal prepping

You may not realize this, but a lot of your money may go to your consumption of fast food! Maybe start doing weekly meal preps, you save TONS of money. If not meal prepping, try other healthy alternatives! For example, instead of getting barbeque chips, get veggie chips. Instead of drinking soda, get green tea!

Feel good about what you ate! Try our digestion product.

Digestion… belch™

Start new workout plan

Haven’t been working out the past year? This may be the year to start! Start by getting a gym pass or a personal trainer. If getting a gym membership can be a money-binder, here are some simple 10 minute workouts you can do at home:

-Sit ups to engage your core

-Strengthening your calves by doing lunges

-Strengthening your upper body by doing planks

-Something simple as walking to strengthen bones and muscles


Want another alternative to strengthen your joints? Try our Joint product! You take 2 capsules after a meal once per day as a dietary supplement!



Hope you enjoyed these starters for 2017! Be on the lookout for news, products, and more on social media! Go herbal!

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