4 Reasons Herbs are Awesome

In case you didn’t know already, we are in the Herb business. We’re “herb people.”

We believe that looking back through time and using these time-tested formulas is the road to better health! While we understand there are certain situations where an herb may not be the best idea – i.e. direct allergies, diseases, etc. – but for the general, herbs are a great way to support your body’s natural healing and help any problems that ail you.



It’s no secret that herbal remedies have history behind them. In many cultures around the world, you can find traditional formulas that have been passed down from generation to generation for practically every ailment under the sun (and some caused by the sun… like sunburn). Many of these cultures took lots of time to study how each herb works and then, using a synergistic strategy, pulled together the herbs that created the best results. With time, comes perfection; these formulas have been perfected overtime, so they are quite effective in their respective categories.

Cross Over

While generally categorized appropriately, there are many herbs that cross over – or treat multiple ailments – which eliminates the need for many products or prescriptions. The best part is that many herbs and botanicals not only can cross over and treat multiple problems, but also cross over from supplements, teas and tonics to culinary delight! Herbs like mint, sage, and ginseng are very popular cross over herbs.


One of the biggest reasons herbs are awesome is that they are from nature. No chemicals, no binders needed! In many cases all you need is the herb itself! This cuts out a lot of potential problems that come from over the counter drugs or medications. Also, since there are no side effects (unless you are allergic to that particular herb – in which case, stop using it!), doses can be adjusted based on the individual. For example, if you are drinking Lemon Balm Tea before bed and you only need about a cup or two of Lemon Balm for one to two cups of hot water. But if you realize that it’s not as strong as you want it to be, kick up the dosage! Add an extra handful of the leaves with less water and let it steep a little longer. No harm, no foul. Of course, not ALL herbs are as wonderful and easy to control as Lemon Balm, but that’s why you have to do your research.

Grow Your Own!

How often are you able to grow your OWN remedies for… well… anything? Not only are you saving bundles of money, here, you are in control! You know what is going into your tea or tonic because you grew it! You can rest assured that there are no pesticides – unless you put them there, yourself!

Herbs are wonderful plants that can help with many ailments that we have today. Instead of reaching for a pill or drug, find a supplement or tea that can have the same outcome! Save money and your health! Herbs are awesome, guys. You just have to start admiring their capabilities.

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