Have you ever thought that certain foods are not good for immune system because of their ‘spice’ level, taste, and or smell? Some foods are even underrated. We came up with a list of foods that are actually good for your immune system! After reading this, you will probably learn your lesson of judging the book by its cover. Try these immune system boosters.


Red Bell Peppers – Red Bell Peppers are not only good for its soft sweetness, they are also high in vitamin C’s! In fact, higher than citrus fruits. They are also high in beta carotene. Beta carotene is good for skin and eye health.


Shellfish – What’s good about shellfish is the amount of zinc it has. Men need around 11 milligrams while women need around 8 milligrams. Zinc assists in immune cells. Shellfish isn’t popular when it comes to eating right, but with the right amount you can get enough zinc for your body. Too much zinc can potentially ruin the immune system, so do not each too much of it!


Garlic – Garlic can be found in a lot of different dishes, its flavors are packed with immune boosting properties such as regulating blood pressure and cleaning the arteries.


Ginger – Ginger is great during flu season. Ginger may be able to help the immune system, inflammatory diseases, and a sore throat.


Sunflower Seeds – Sunflower seeds are not just for eating at baseball games, they are great for casual snacks! They include many nutrients such as vitamin E, vitamin B-6, phosphorus, and magnesium. Vitamin E is great for maintaining the immune system since it is a powerful antioxidant.


Try these immune system boosters and let us know what you think! Do not see any immune system boosters you recognize? Comment them below!