Did you know essential oils may reduce stress and anxiety? Try out these six essential oils and let us know what you think!




Rose Oil

Lemon Oil

Lavender Oil

Rosewood Oil

Cinnamon Oil

Fennel Oil


How To Apply The Oils

  1. Diffuser – Apply few drops of oil in a diffuser. The aroma from the diffuser may make you feel at ease and keep your mind relaxed.
  2. Shower – Apply a few drops of oil while the shower is running. Your body will soon be in an oil steam. The overall fume of oils may make you feel uplifted and spirited.
  3. Body Oil – Apply an essential oil on your body. But before you do, make sure you apply an essential oil with a carrier oil (almond or coconut oil). It may be dangerous if you do not dilute the essential oil with another oil.


Tried this out? Did you have any other essential oils that are not on this list? Give us a comment below!