6 (Un)Healthy Habits You Probably Have

We’re all trying to do the best we can to stay healthy and keep our habits that way, too. But there are some things that you’re doing everyday that are actually bad for you! *GASP!*

1. Using a Sponge

You may think you’re doing a good thing by cleaning up the messes around the house with a sponge. However, most sponges do more damage than good! Mold and bacteria love wet spaces. Consider the sponge to be a vacation beach house for them! Once they get there, they never want to leave. These nasty things love to spread themselves around and the sponge is the perfect place. You go around your kitchen cleaning up after cooking and daily life, spreading their potentially harmful gunk all over the counter tops and your dishes – AH! So how do you stop the spread of yucky-ness around your entire house?

-Throw out your sponge every four to six weeks. You don’t need to hold on to that baby. …sorry, Spongebob…
-Sanitize it with hot water AT LEAST twice a week. Heck, you can even throw that guy in the dishwasher!
-Stop using a sponge, altogether. Find alternatives to clean your counter tops, like clean and dry dish towels or paper towels.

2. Vacuuming

While vacuuming is a vital part of keeping a clean house, it can keep your house dirtier – longer. Some vacuums actually stir up the allergens and dust that is currently calling your carpet “home” and spitting it into the air. This causes allergies and never really rids the particles. So let’s fix this:

-Always buy a vacuum that has a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter
-Change the filter often, and clean out the vacuum, thoroughly.
-Use a microfiber cloth to dust, instead of a feather duster. This will capture the dust and not move it onto the carpet.

3. Cooking Everything in Olive Oil

Olive Oil is a great way to get “good fats” and extra antioxidants in your diet. Olive Oil is jam packed with goodness! The bad part is it has a very low smoke point. A Smoke Point is the temperature at which it begins to smoke and loses frying quality as well as nutrients. Meaning you shouldn’t use it to cook everything. A lot of foods need to be cooked at a higher temperature for a longer amount of time; Avocado Oil would be a more appropriate choice for these high heat foods. Olive oil is best suited for dressings and sautéing vegetables. Anything over a low to medium heat is totally fine.

4. Skipping Dessert

While you feel like you’re getting a “win” in the Diet Dept., skipping desserts can actually be a bad thing. It is okay to splurge a little bit and indulge in a tasty dessert. Depriving yourself of your favorite foods hinders your self-control, only resulting in you wanting it even more! This leads to losing control, over indulging and lack of portion control. The trick is to indulge in small portions, once a week. You can learn to make healthier alternatives to your favorite sweets, too! This keeps your diet on track, your self-control in check and your sweet tooth happy.

5. Crossing Your Legs

Crossing your legs, nowadays, is more habit than good manners. Sitting hours on end with crossed legs is really bad for your health and can be painful! Crossing your legs causes problems for your back, legs, hips and spine! It can also cause problems with circulation and causes “spider veins” – ick! Keep your hips aligned by sitting with your feet planted on the floor. If you need to cross your legs in some way, simply cross your ankles. It is still a lady-like position, but won’t cause any problems for you.

6. Those High Heels, Girl…

Ladies, you already know that these are bad. No one has EVER said that they wear them for comfort. They do great things for our confidence and our appearance but horrible things for our back, knees, ankles and feet… especially if you’re not so good at walking in them. But they’re just so cute! Okay, there are some things you can do to help rock those puppies! If you have to wear high heels everyday (for work), look into a lower heel, made of leather, and with a good supportive heel. You need to invest in good quality, ladies! Wedges are always a great idea! Make sure you stretch your ankles, legs and feet muscles before and after you strut in those beauties! Trust us, it will help! Try to alternate wearing heels and flats if you’re at a party! This will help keep all your joints happy.

The next time you catch yourself doing any of these (un)healthy habits, stop for a second and think! Think of the germs and spider veins! Ah! 

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