We spend majority of our lives in our household. Whether you are sleeping, eating, doing chores, you are constantly breathing the air inside your home! Air quality in your household is important just like the air outside. Here are a few ways to keep your house feeling refreshed!

Natural Air Filters To Improve Air Quality

Consider investing in a natural air filters! Refrain from air fresheners, they have chemicals that may harm your skin, breathing, and your overall health. Essential oils are great for cleaning your air the natural way. All you have to do is drop around 20-30 essential oil drops in an air diffuser. Some popular essential oils include lavender, peppermint, and lemon.

Indoor Plants

Keeping indoor plants in your home may be beneficial to air quality. Plants absorb gases through the leaves of the plant that and in the roots.

Great indoor plants

  • English Ivy
  • Aloe Plant
  • Bamboo Plant
  • Spider Plant
  • Succulents


As self explanatory cleaning sounds, a lot of people tend to miss the little things that counts! Make sure all the air filters are replaced, collect all house dust and spider webs, vacuum the carpet daily, and check for mold around the household. Not maintaining both the inside and outside of your house can cause serious health issues. You have to be willing to do a little bit of work to make your household a safe and clean environment!