What exactly is Alkaline water?


Alkaline water, also known as “Ionized water”  is less acidic, which is different from tap water. Alkaline water is rich in minerals such as calcium, silica, potassium, bicarbonate, and magnesium. This type of water has a pH over seven which is not considered acidic. Some examples of pH under seven include acidic drinks such as orange juice and vinegar. Too much acid in your body may be harder to digest.


Benefits of Alkaline Water


Gut Health – May be able to help with gut health. Alkaline water may offer disinfectant properties which may help keep dangerous microorganisms from entering the body.

Performance – May be able to help with performance. Drinking the water may help regulate the body’s acidity and which may help with overall performance. This is popular in athletes.

Digestion – Alkaline water may be able to help with digestion and for anyone with stomach problems. Its key role is to flush out toxins that go through the body so this may be able to clean the digestive system.