Astragalus: Super Herb. No Cape Required.

Astragalus, such a strange sounding name for an herb, but an absolute rock star in the herb world. It undeniably deserves major credit for all that it does. Having been relevant in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years, this herb has some pretty rocking qualities that can help anyone on their quest to health awesomeness. Let us introduce you…

Astragalus – AKA Huang Qi

Astragalus membranaceus. A member of the pea family.

In TCM, it is used as a qi tonic and is one of the “50 fundamental herbs in TCM.”

First and foremost, Astragalus is an adaptogen, which protects the body from the havoc that stress wrecks on the body and fights potential immune system threats. What that means is: what your immune system lacks, Astragalus steps in and makes up for.

It has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and studies have shown it has anti-viral properties!

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On a cellular level, Astragalus might be able to promote healthy cells and block potential problems induced by stress and aging. In fact, biotech companies in the US are currently working on deriving a chemical compound from Astragalus (known as a telomerase activator) for its age reversal effect on the immune system. Even WebMD says Astragalus “seems to stimulate and increase the immune system.”

So why do you want this super herb in your life?

• Increases white blood cell count*
• Stimulates growth antibodies*
• Promotes overall comfort and wellbeing
• Heightens energy levels, naturally
• Protects the immune system from stress
• It plays well with others: Ancient texts were said to recommend Astragalus be mixed with other herbs to enhance their effectiveness.

Nearly everyone could benefit from adding the herbal rockstar, Astragalus, to their supplementation. By increasing the body’s overall health and wellness, it has earned its metaphorical cape in our eyes and the rad nickname of Super Herb.


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