Autumn Herbs You Should Plant Now

We are finally in the autumn season! We are surrounded by an abundance of harvest, with seasonal fruits and vegetables stepping into the spotlight. But did you know that this is the PERFECT time to plant some wonderful herbs? There are actually a few herbs that love the cooler temperature of fall. And surprisingly, they only take a couple weeks before you will be rewarded with the freshest autumnal flavors.

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Whether you use this herb as a garnish, a highlighting flavor or as the main event, there is no comparison to fresh parsley. Our favorite dish? Parsley Red Potatoes! With hearty red potatoes, fresh parsley adds a tasty autumnal touch. It’s so easy, yet the perfect side dish. You can find the recipe here.


Sage could be considered the herb of fall. It gives soups the warm fuzzy feeling that makes them feel “oh so fall” like. You can use sage in so many ways this fall, but our favorite right now is this Sage Vegan Mac & Cheese from Annie’s! YUM!


We personally love rosemary with anything and everything. It is perfect to add to chicken or turkey (or tofu!) and it’s delicious in baked breads with a little olive oil! The easiest way to bring this herb to your kitchen table this fall is to add it to your veggies with a little nutmeg. Your taste buds will be partying all season long. (Have too much rosemary and don’t know how to use it before it wilts? Freeze it in olive oil and keep it in the freezer. You can grab a cube or two and toss them in with your veggies for easy rosemary flavor all year round!)


Adding thyme to your recipes automatically creates an autumnal halo. Dashing it onto your poultry, creating a simple syrup to accompany your bourbon or rolling it into your dumpling dough will bring this delightful fall herb to life.


Lavender is lovely any time of the day. Our favorite breakfast dish with lavender is Lavender Corn Crepes in The Lavender Cookbook. It can also be the all-star of your tea or add a delicate flavor to your lemonade. (Added awesomeness tip: freeze lavender in your ice cubes to add the subtle flavor to any beverage!)


Mint is a super versatile herb that can transition from entrée to dessert to beverage refresher! Adding mint to your lemon dressing can add a cool layer of flavor to your salad or throw it in with your squash! Your taste buds will thank you!

The best part about growing your own herbs is you can dry them out, keep them in a bottle and use them year round! Bringing flavor to your meals this season just got even easier! Which herb is your favorite? Tweet us! @BioTerraHerbs #fallherbs

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