We mentioned earlier on how you can Manage Your Stress.  We came up with three ways on what you can do to avoid stress ahead of time.

Make An Agenda To Avoid Stress

Planning ahead is pretty self explanatory, but physically writing something down may be even more helpful. You can create your own personal to do list and even have a long term goal sheet. If you are going to school consider getting an agenda to keep track of all your work. Passion Planners are great as well for anyone who just wants to be organized! They even have motivational quotes to keep you motivated as a daily reminder. According to the Huffington Post, writing can help you de-stress and “it’s empowering”.  

Surround Yourself With Positivity

The people you are surrounded with makes a huge impact on your daily life and stress. Having a support system may either be a positive or a negative impact. Your family and friends may always be there for you, but sometimes it is beneficial to have some alone time. Having a support system will also be great for people to fall back on for your time of need. Being surrounded with positive energy may give yourself an energy boost and de-stress you for your daily activities.

Self Reflection

It is always nice to self reflect and self track. Are you improving? Do you feel even more stressed? Either or, you yourself are your own biggest critic. Consider changing your thinking or even schedule if you do not find yourself improving. Go over weekly, monthly, and long term goals to track progress. Think about the bigger picture, but also remember to take care of yourself first!