Black Friday: The Survival Guide

The day after Thanksgiving has been known as Black Friday since the 1920s as the unofficial kickoff of the holiday shopping season. Black Friday can be a very successful day for both your wallet and your Christmas list. Follow these tips to make sure you survive the epic craziness of the day after turkey day, and do it with style!


Scope out the best deals: make sure you do your homework and really find the best deals for each store that you plan on attacking! Lots of stores will put their lists out ahead of time, so use this to your advantage!

Make a list and check it twice: Always have a master list of what you’re going to buy. If you’re a “fly by the seat of your pants” kind of person, that’s cool too, but make sure you have some kind of idea of what you’re getting. This will ensure you don’t miss any of the goodies!

Prioritize your deals: Once you have your list and you’ve checked it twice, prioritize it by most rare and popular deals. If you’re looking to score a door buster, keep in mind you’re going to have to be there way earlier than anyone else.

Pack necessities: Be ready for anything. Make sure you pack food, snacks, and drinks that you can enjoy in line. If you’re going to be staying out all night, make sure to bring enough blankets to make the conquest a little more comfortable.

Be early: To make sure you grab the exact Tickle-me-Elmo doll, you have to make sure you’re in front of the crowd! Getting to the store early and camping out is a very popular thing for the serious Black Friday Pioneers. They want to make sure they are the first to see the best deals out there.

Stretch & Reach: After sitting on the sidewalk for 10+ hours, make sure you stand up an hour before “go time” and stretch! There’s no wimping out if you get a leg cramp while you’re running towards that display of holiday crocs. Also be sure to work on your reach; you’re going to need your full range of motion to grab those items on the very top shelves!

Deodorant: I mean, no one likes a stinky Black Friday conrad.

Stay Focused: You’ve got to make sure that you are on your A game and make smart decisions. One wrong move and someone else will snatch up the last Christmas with the Kranks DVD. We recommend our all natural Mental Focus… huh? formula to keep your noggin on point!

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Shin guards: Yup, we would always suggest sporting these babies under your jeans, some people get rowdy!

No laces: Make sure your shoes are tied – or even better, wear armored boots that (obviously) don’t have laces! …Uggs work too, I guess.

Don’t wear a hood: This is vital during the initial door opening! Don’t let anyone pull you by the hood of your jacket or sweater! Keep the clothing comfortable, yet movable. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee! Think aerodynamic! Matching jumpsuits would be even more festive and would show everyone in the store that you mean business. Obviously.

Stay on your feet: Whatever you do, don’t fall down! Always do your absolute best to stay on your feet and move WITH the crowd. If you do lose your footing and can’t get back up cover your head and try your best to stand back up! Safety first.

Small teams, only! Leave the little ones at home. You can’t be worried about where little Johnny ran off to when you’re in the zone! You’ve got targets to acquire.


Tool Belt: Yup, make sure you keep everything that you need close to your body like your phone, money, coupons, deals, permanent marker, and water bottle. Taking a purse can be risky as it can get caught on a stranger’s arm or clothes rack. Make sure you are ready for anything!

Only stick out your neck for “priority” items: We’ve all heard those crazy stories about people getting in horrendous fights over the last Easy-Bake Oven. Head towards the first priorities on your list, after that if you don’t get the last Hot Wheels play set, don’t fight the old granny who grabbed it before you, it’s not worth it and she’s freaking cute. Let her be.

Divide and conquer: The best way to be successful on Black Friday is to divide your team and conquer, accordingly. It makes no sense to stay together, so use your strength in numbers and split up – just make sure you have a “meet up” place already in mind when it comes time to buy!

Reception: Once you have your bargained goodies, you need to consider your next moves when returning home. Are you going to wrap them right away? Do you have a special hiding spot? Are you going to keep them in the trunk of your car until Christmas Eve? There are so many options, make sure you know exactly what you’re going to do, so no one can peak at their gifts beforehand.


Toast your awesomeness! After you have safely returned home with your crazy discounted loot, don’t be afraid to toast your awesomeness! Just make sure you hide all the presents beforehand. Don’t forget to do a “happy dance” to bask in your money-saving glory! Hooray, you survived!

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