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5 Signs It’s Time for a Detox

Two glass bottles of blueberry drinks with a caption that reads: Is it Time for a Detox?

With all the buzz about detoxes and cleanses going around, you might be thinking if a detox is a good move for you. Well, let us help you answer that question and advise you that it’s not a matter of “if” you should do a detox, it’s a matter of “when” you should do a detox. As we’ve explained, our world is getting more toxic and our bodies need some extra help doing what they do naturally. So, pay attention to the signs of your body and its reactions to decide when you should start your detox.

Cravings for Sugar

One of the first determining factors will be constant cravings for those unhealthy foods and snacks. These foods are biologically addictive and are meant to make you want more. If your diet is filled with high amounts of sugars and processed foods, this can cause an equally unhealthy balance of leptin hormones and blood sugar levels.

Getting Sick More Often

Poor diets and toxins can harm your body in multiple ways, and one of these ways is by weakening your immune system. You come across countless viruses, bacteria and other baddies that can make you sick almost every hour of every day. But your immune system is responsible for making sure those malicious intruders are neutralized and don’t cause further harm. However, when your body is full of toxins and poor diets, it is not strong enough to fight off these intruders as well as it is supposed to and can cause you to get sick more often.

Struggle to Lose Weight and Keep Weight Off

This one can easily go hand-in-hand with the cravings for unhealthy foods. Again, these foods are meant to make you crave them, big companies even hire "craving experts" to keep you coming back and purchasing their products. On another note regarding weight, these foods drastically increase insulin and inflammation, which can cause a slower metabolism and a higher storage of fat.

Digestive Issues

Constipation, stomach aches or diarrhea are obviously unpleasant, but they are also an obvious sign that your body and digestive system are not working how they’re supposed to. If your body is absorbing too much toxin for it to expel fast enough or making it work too hard, those are some of the symptoms you will suffer from.


Sure, everyone feels exhaustion from time to time after long days or nights, but a constant feeling of fatigue is not normal. During your deep sleeps is when your body processes some of its most important functions, digestion being one of them. If your digestive system has to work extra hard during your sleep, it is using more energy than it should for you to be able to regenerate that energy and you still wake up being tired. A hormonal imbalance can also be the cause of the constant fatigue, a result of the toxins not allowing your body to produce the right amount of hormones it needs to function on a normal level.

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