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The Best Way to Detoxify Your Body


The best way to detoxify your body is through clean eating and a good, clean herbal detox supplement. In this blog we will discuss ways to begin the process of clean eating. We will also talk about some Traditional Chinese Herbs that will help your body cleanse itself of toxins and impurities.

What is Clean Eating, Anyway?

First of all, according to this article from the Mayo Clinic, clean eating is adopting a way of life that improves your health and well-being.

Furthermore, there are several basic principles of Clean Eating. Combined with an herbal detox, these can help you change your life.


  • Eat “real” foods. Avoid processed foods, refined foods and convenience foods.

  • “Eat to live, don’t live to eat.” Take in only what your body needs and avoid overly fatty, sugary, and salty foods that induce cravings for more of the same.

  • Eat more Plant-Based foods. Try to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, beans, lentils, and peas. Avoid fatty meats and processed meats.

  • Get plenty of Exercise and Sleep! Essential to good health are a good night’s rest and plenty of exercise. You will have more energy and have less stress!

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Detox 

In TCM, detoxing is bringing balance and harmony back to the body. To rid the system of toxins that have built up over time, TCM looks at naturally supporting the body's natural detox process.

In fact, it uses herbs that support hydrating the body and pushing toxins out of the system. Qi is important to look at when a cleanse is in question because it is the overall life force in TCM.

Qi – The vital energy of life in TCM, qi must be replenished for health and optimal balance throughout the entire body.

Tonifying qi is important in detoxing the body; when the body needs a cleanse, it is imbalanced. Tonifying is to bring balance back to the system.

Herbs for Detox


Helps the liver function at its highest level of efficiency. It aids in proper digestion and aids in the movement of waste.

Dong quai

This has been used for over two thousand years as a liver and blood tonic. It balances hormones, supports liver function and strengthens the blood (by dilating blood cells).


This herb has a rejuvenating effect on the cells in the body. It stimulates the adrenal glands, protects the liver and promotes the detoxification of toxins.


Cassia has many benefits for the digestive system; it helps bind loose stool into healthy bowel movements, stopping diarrhea. This herb balances other more diuretic herbs to provide substance that eases the elimination process.

Chinese Rhubarb

Inhibits intestinal absorption of water and promotes defecation. It protects the liver and helps hydrate the body.


Improves the function of the spleen and helps cassia in binding loose stool. Licorice harmonizes with other herbs; for example, it helps reduce the intensity of Chinese Rhubarb's purgative effects.

Tienchi Ginseng

Tonifies qi and invigorates the blood. Known for its circulation, antioxidant and healing properties, it has a reputation of being called "more precious than gold."

This herb balances the body and encourages proper blood flow during a strong detoxification process.

Bai-zhu Atractylodes

These herbs can adjust gastrointestinal motility and protect the liver. It also invigorates qi and promotes healthy spleen function.


Known for its antioxidant properties and promoting overall health. It promotes healthy red blood cells and is loaded with vitamin C thus boosting the immune system defenses.

Aloe Vera

Known for its detoxifying properties and supporting the immune system. Filled with vitamins and minerals, it is excellent for digestion and aids in supporting the stomach.

As a matter of fact, all these herbs can be conveniently found in Bioterra Herbs’ Detox supplement! All-natural, Vegan, non-GMO pure herbal detox to help your body rid itself of toxins!

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BioTerra Herbs® is a California-based company that is passionate about clean and honest herbal products. Our carefully crafted herbal supplements are the bridge between the spirit of traditional Chinese medicine and knowledge of Western science. Our trusted process works with globally- sourced, natural seeds and herbs that are brewed in California using a cold brew process that surpasses industry standard testing including the extraction of naturally occurring heavy metals. Our seed to shelf process is completed here in sunny Southern California. With a deeply rooted philosophy of care, our herbal supplements are all-natural, vegan, drug-free, gluten-free, and cruelty-free. We love Mother Earth (and Aunt Mildred, too) and believe that natural is always better.

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