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The Versatility of Hawthorn Berries

Red hawthorn berries on a branch with green leaves.

What are Hawthorn Berries?

Let’s talk about another extremely versatile herb, the Hawthorne berry. With recorded data of this herb dating back to the first century, there are dozens of studies and researches done to reference regarding the wonders of it. The hawthorn berry comes from the Hawthorn plant, although it is just the berry extract that is used in our products Digestion…belch™ and Weight Management…whoo!™, the entire plant from the leaves, flowers, stem, and bark are used in various remedies for health concerns ranging from heart disease to anxiety.

Hawthorn is a tree or shrub that is part of the Crataegus genus and can be found in many temperate locations such as Europe, North Africa, and West Asia. This fruit can be eaten right off the tree and has a sweet and sometimes tart taste depending on the species and a texture similar to an apple. Hawthorn berries are also sometimes dried up and used in teas and juices, which are usually similar to cranberry juice, just a little sweeter.

Why Should I Add Hawthorn Berries to My Diet?

  • Packed full of Antioxidants
      • Studies suggest that antioxidants lower the risk of many health issues such as Type 2 Diabetes, Asthma, some infections and cancers, and even premature skin aging. Antioxidants help your body fight off and prevent health issues that come from poor diets, toxins like air pollution and cigarette smoke.
      • May boost your immune system

        • In a couple of different types of studies, Hawthorn berry was found to contain anti- inflammatory properties that may help in the prevention of a number of diseases. Antibacterial properties have also been found to fight off harmful bacteria and foodborne illness.
      • Aids in digestion

        • High in fiber which acts as a prebiotic. A prebiotic provides your digestive system with healthy bacteria that aids in digestion. This, in turn, increases the speed in which food passes through your digestive system.
      • May lower blood pressure

        • Hawthorn berry is the most common recommendation to treat high blood pressure in traditional Chinese medicine. It is believed to do so as the berry can help relax constricted blood vessels, which can then lower blood pressure.
      • May decrease blood fats

        • In studies, hawthorn extract has been shown to decrease and/or balance out the levels of cholesterol and triglycerides. When these fats are at an imbalance, plaque can build up in your blood vessels leading to further health risks.


      How can I add Hawthorn Berry to my Diet?

      Have we convinced you that Hawthorne berry is something you want in your diet yet? If not, let us tell you how easy it is to take advantage of all these health benefits, as there are many ways that this fruit can be added to a healthy diet.

      • Eaten raw

        • Slightly sweet, a little tart, and can be great when you’re out and about and want to replace a not so healthy snack with a healthy one.
      • Tea

        • Many stores carry hawthorn tea, but you are also able to easily make a tea of your own using dried berries, leaves and the flowers of the plant.
      • Desserts

        • Everyone’s favorite, desserts! You can usually find hawthorn berry jam, pies, and even syrups!
      • Wine or Vinegar

        • If desserts aren’t your favorite, maybe a fermented adult beverage can entice you? Or how about a vinegar dressing packed full of flavor to go over your favorite salad?
      • Supplements
        • Of course, the easiest and most convenient method will be herbal supplements. These can often be found in powder, pill or liquid forms, and extracts of hawthorn are even in our Digestion and Weight Loss

      We hope this article gave you enough information regarding the versatility of Hawthorn berries to interest you in adding to your diet, if you are, you can find whole hawthorn berries online! Or even check out our blog for more information on several different herbs BioTerra offers in our herbal supplements!

      *Source Medical News Today,

      *Results are expected but not guaranteed.

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