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What are the Benefits of Ginseng?

What is ginseng and what does it do? 

There’s a lot of talk about ginseng right now but is it any good and what’s all the fuss about? In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), energy is a holistic force that circulates through the entire body. Qi plays a vital role in how our energy levels stay consistent throughout the day. Signs of imbalance in the body, in relation to Yin and Yang, can motivate deficiencies associated with energy levels. Qi – The vital energy of life in traditional Chinese medicine must be replenished for energy levels to be stable.    

 Is it safe and how can I add it to my diet?

Ginseng is safe and can help to support a healthy body in many ways. Yin deficiency & energy levels in traditional Chinese medicine must be balanced. Excess Yang energy causes anxiety, frustration, feeling overwhelmed and overextended. Therefore, nourishing yin helps balance hormones and improves energy levels.  Neural fatigue – referring to the exhaustion of the nerves in the brain, causes the feeling of mental exhaustion.    

Some important organs that ginseng helps with: 

  • Heart – The heart is important in how the rest of the body receives blood supply, nutrients and oxygen. Having a strong heart that is able to effectively pump blood to the rest of the body is important for maintaining energy throughout the day. 
  •  Brain – Maintaining a clear mindset helps keep hormones balanced; in turn, this helps the body regulate energy levels and deflect neural fatigue. The brain can signal exhaustion to the rest of the body, whether low on calories or not, with lack of hormone balance and lack of proper oxygen (brought by a healthy blood supply).   
  • Spleen – The organ most known as a blood filter, is important in maintaining healthy blood and energy levels. The spleen is important in the immune system and energy regulation in the body. Old red blood cells are "recycled" in the spleen and white blood cells (who fight intruding pathogens) are stored there.    
  • Stomach – The vital organ in digestion, the stomach is important in energy production in the body by nutrient and calorie absorption. Improving digestion is a necessary part of boosting energy.   
  • Ginseng has been known to provide an energy boost (or "replenishing the pulse") for thousands of years. It also helps protect brain cells, boosting mental clarity and vigor.    

Can I take a supplement instead?

We’re happy to use ginseng in our BioTerra Herbs Energy...boing™! Our formula uses ginseng to improve the absorption of nutrients, balance and mental performance without the crash of traditional coffee. 


BioTerra Herbs® is a California-based company that is passionate about clean and

honest herbal products. Our carefully crafted herbal supplements are the bridge between the spirit of traditional Chinese medicine and knowledge of Western science. Our trusted process works with globally- sourced, natural seeds and herbs that are brewed in California using a cold brew process that surpasses industry standard testing including the extraction of naturally occurring heavy metals. Our seed to shelf process is completed here in sunny Southern California. With a deeply rooted philosophy of care, our herbal supplements are all-natural, vegan, drug-free, gluten-free, and cruelty-free. We love Mother Earth (and Aunt Mildred, too) and believe that natural is always better.


*Source Medical News Today, * Results are expected but not guaranteed.