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Which Foods Increase Female Fertility

Female infertility is largely a common issue. 1 in 10 women suffer from infertility so you are not alone! There are many things you can do to help your fertility. Among those things is changing your diet. Will food alone cure your infertility? Not necessarily, but you definitely are doing yourself a favor eating these types of "super foods". Adding a little more of the following to your diet alongside exercise and cutting back on alcohol and smoking should alone be a good first step. Which foods will increase Female Fertility? Grapefruit & Orange Juice Grapefruti and orange juice are great to boost fertility because they have polyamine putrescine which may improve healthy eggs. Putrescine has been tested and seen...

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FAQs About Arthritis

I’m sure we have all experienced someone with joint pains or arthritis pain. Maybe some have family members who have permanent Arthritis, for people who are wondering what they can do to help please consider these FAQs (Frequently asked questions) It is always important to stay informed to be able to help the people in your life afflicted by this. What is Arthritis? Roughly 350 million people worldwide have arthritis, and nearly 40 million of those 350 million are in the United States. So you might be thinking, What is Arthritis? Arthritis: is painful inflammation and stiffness of the joints. whether it’s your knees, fingers, back or feet. It is very common for people to be diagnosed with Arthritis nowadays although the illness...

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Pregnant at 40: Is it Possible and What are the Risks?

Perhaps you waited to start a family. Nothing wrong with that. However, you’re not sure about getting pregnant at 40. Read on to learn more about the possibilities and risks…Is It Even Possible?Of course! It may be more difficult to get pregnant, and there are greater risks of birth defects and disabilities, but it is highly possible! I had my last baby at 39, and my mom had her last 3 when she was over 40 (the last one at 47, believe it or not!!).What are the Risks?There are some risks associated with becoming pregnant at 40, but if you are in good health, these risks can somewhat be minimized. Let’s look at what can happen.Eggs and OvulationAs you probably...

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Teas and Other Natural Diabetes Aids

Have you heard of a special tea for diabetes? There are tons of natural supplements and aids marketed for diabetes out there today. Let’s take a look at some of them! Read on to learn more… Tea for DiabetesYou’ve seen the commercials. Perhaps you’ve browsed the tea section of your local health food store. There is a tea for almost every ailment known to man, but what is actually in these miracle aids?Most of the time when you see a tea for diabetes, it contains a few key ingredients. Cinnamon, mint, and, of course, green tea leaves. Other helpful ingredients include pomegranate and other high-antioxidant fruits.CinnamonResearch shows that cinnamon can help reduce blood glucose levels by about 25%. It works...

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