Boost Your Immune System This Season

How to BOOST your Immune System this holiday season… you may ask?

Well, as the holidays come upon us and the weather starts to change, it can be rather tricky to stay on your “A game” and stay healthy. Here are some tips to stay fit as a fiddle while we are all celebrating the holidays.


As if you haven’t heard it enough, fruits and veggies should rule your life (if they don’t already!) Not only do they help with digestion, but they are lower in calories, higher in fiber and vitamin C but they also have incredible immune system boosters from the wide variety of vitamins! Add some extra fruits and vegetables to your meals or just munch on them for a snack!


Garlic has fantastic protective qualities for beating colds. While you may not be snuggling quite as close after indulging in the tasty stuff, it will definitely help keep that “bug” that’s going around, from hitting you!


We tend to drink less water when it is colder outside. Make sure you are still drinking 8-10 glasses of water every day! It will help with the elasticity of your skin and protect your skin from itchy dryness! Water also helps flush toxins out of the body, naturally. Stay hydrated, folks!


No one really needs another reason to get some exercise, but we’re putting it on the list anyway! Get your heart pumping – not only to burn some of the wicked calories that you will be consuming that goes along with holiday festivities, but also to keep yourself healthy!


Did you know that a high intake of sugar consumption can play a huge factor in getting sick? Yeah! Put the cookies down and opt for some less sugary options. We’re not saying to give up the sweet stuff altogether, just be careful of how much you are consuming. We are trying to build up our immune system for the holidays, not spend the entire time in bed… alone… pouting.


This herb deserves a standing ovation for putting the AWE in AWESOME! Echinecea naturally stimulates the production of antibodies, which helps fight the bad stuff in our bodies!


Like Mama always said, always wash your hands! This is especially important during the cozy holiday season! Everyone is hugging and snuggling – what a perfect time to get sick! Make sure you are washing all the icky germs from your hands every chance you get with warm water and soap!


Everybody has a nemesis. Superman has Lex Luthor; Luke has Darth Vader; the dog has the mailman. And you? We’re guessing it’s getting sick. Don’t let anything keep you from your epic quest of awesome. Let our mind-blowing blend of licorice, honeysuckle, peppermint and other stellar herbs be your sidekick! It’ll be great! (Just no tights, please… but the cape is cool.) Boost your immunity for less achoo’s, less sniffles and more planet saving!

Make sure you keep this list of helpful hints on how to kick the seasonal cold this winter! We want you to be healthy for when Aunt Mildred comes into town. Because, really, we know you LOVE her fruitcake!

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