Brain Supplements: The Natural Way to Focus

If you struggle with staying focused throughout your busy schedule, there are lots of different solutions available to you. You can drink a cup of joe or put on your headphones. There are even brain-powering superfoods, like blueberries, that you could add to your diet. But the method we’ve found is the easiest and most effective way to stay on track and distraction-free is to take natural focus enhancers (brain supplements), such as a mental clarity supplement.

Use brain supplements to focus

Brain supplements are also known as brain pills, or focus pills. They are natural ways to focus using healthy ingredients that you can pronounce. BioTerra Herb’s “Mental Focus…huh?” supplement is just one example that uses a special focus formula of powerful Chinese herbs. These concentration-boosting capsules are also gluten-free and a vegan supplement.

The active ingredients in this mental focus supplement have been used in Chinese herbal medicine for the past 5,000 years. That’s right. Chinese herbal medicine can be traced back at least 5,000 years. This means it’s one of the longest standing health care systems in the world.

Here is a complete list of the age-old herbs used in Mental Focus…huh?

  • Jujube
  • Poria
  • Asian ginseng
  • Astragalus
  • Desert broomrape
  • Schisandra
  • Polygala
  • Grass-leaf sweetflag

Feel free to stick around while we explore how five of these natural herbs can boost your brain-power.

Use jujube to help focusJujube

A jujube is a berry-like fruit also known as the “Chinese date.” This sweet, small fruit is red on the outside and white on the inside. It’s been cultivated for more than 4,000 years in China. Although this fruit has a pleasant taste, its medicinal powers are actually located within its seeds. The seeds are suggested to help soothe the nerves and improve a poor memory.


Use ginseng to focus natruallyAsian ginseng

Asian ginseng is a root that freakishly resembles a human body, except with very stringy arms and legs. This root is one of the most popular herbs used in the United States. In traditional Chinese medicine, Asian ginseng is usually combined with other herbs. Multiple studies show that it may increase mental performance, alertness, and memory. This may be because it increases circulation in the brain.



Use schisandra to focus naturallySchisandra

Schisandra is a very sour, red berry that is not eaten but only used in medicine. Its name in Chinese means “the five taste fruit” because it contains many different flavors all rolled into one, including sour, bitter, and salty! Schisandra is a harmonizing component of many herbal formulas. In ancient Russia it was used to increase attention, concentration, and energy.

Use Poria to focus naturallyPoria

Poria is a fungus that resembles a mushroom and grows on pine tree roots. The sclerotium of poria, or the thread-like fibers found in the plant structure, are used medicinally. These fibers have been used by both adults and children with Attention Deficit Disorder. Like jujube seeds, poria is also known to soothe the nerves. Its chemical compounds are said to have mind-calming properties.


Use polygala to focus naturallyPolygala

Polygala is a large plant that can have red, yellow, or purple flowers. Its roots have been used for centuries for their calming effects on the mind. They were first used by monks who believed in their power to benefit the spirit. Polygala roots can also help aid creative thinking and improve clarity. A double-blind study found that polygala enhanced cognitive functions such as memory.

We’re not the only ones who believe in the power of traditional Chinese medicine to boost your attention span. Many people are still using this tried and true method to this day. Check out what people are saying who have tried Mental focus…huh?

How To Focus Better

Jay R. – “This unique combination of herbs truly unlocks the ability to raise your level of focus. It helped me concentrate on the tasks at hand and get things done. I think I need a cape now.”

Essence S. – “‘Mental focus’ has given me increased mental resilience for projects that require intense concentration. I find that my memory of details has sharpened and is easily recallable on the spot, when it matters. I have also noticed less fogginess, my mind feels clear and thoughts flow unimpeded. For the past 30 days, since I began taking this product I have discovered a new and improved me.”

Mariah L. – “The supplement is gentle on me…enough so that I don’t notice being jittery nor do I notice being too relaxed to concentrate… I notice the difference when I don’t take the ‘Huh?’ Supplement.”

Help mental focus naturally

If you easily get distracted, thankfully there are many natural remedies available to increase your focus and concentration. But brain supplements like Mental Focus…huh? are by far the easiest option. So save your teeth from the coffee stains, and instead get an attention-boost that is going to last longer and not leave you with a painful crash later.

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