Amazing Superfoods To Boost Energy And Mood!

What is a superfood? Superfoods are mostly plant-based foods, along with some fish and some dairy products, that carry large amounts of antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamins, and minerals. These foods will keep your blood sugar steady and assist in triggering “feel good” chemicals in your brain. Superfoods also have the ability change your metabolism, brain chemistry, [...]

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Saving Energy l How To Conserve Energy In Your Household

Ever wonder why the electricity bill is so high? You may be over using your electricity! We came up with a few tips on saving energy! Soon you will be not only saving money, you will be helping the planet as well! Using up energy requires more burning of fossil fuels, natural gas, and coals [...]

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Morning Energy l How To Get Energy In The Morning

    Do you need morning energy? Do you feel sluggish when you wake up? All those late night studying and work got you tired? We came up with a few tips to get you the energy you need for the morning to get you through the day!   Eat Breakfast Since you are starting [...]

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Morning Exercises l Exercises For A Natural Energy Boost

  Need a kick start to start your morning? Try these morning exercises for a natural energy boost!   Cardio -A simple walk may be able to give you the right boost of energy! Walking gets your blood circulating and promotes oxygen throughout the body. A 10-15 minute walk may be more beneficial than a [...]

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Healthy Snacks l 6 Healthy Snacks To Give You An Energy Boost

In need of a quick boost? Here is a list of healthy snacks for on the go to get you through your day! 6 Healthy Snacks: Popcorn These microwavable treats are not only tasty, they carry a lot of fiber which is great for energy! Popcorn is perfect for on the go and low in [...]

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Natural Energy Boosters l Ways To Get Energy When Tired

  Need natural energy boosters to keep you moving? Do you feel tired throughout the day but you don't know how to restore your energy? We have a few tips for you to get you started! Power Nap A quick 10-20 minute power nap will provide a quick boost of alertness and energy. Do not [...]

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Enhancing Energy l A List Of Foods To Enhance Energy

  Need some energy to get you through the week? Here are some list of foods that may enhance your energy! Soon you will be back up on your feet.   Asparagus -Add asparagus to your lunch! Definitely underrated, but this veggie is filled with B Vitamins that may support energy levels. Nuts -Different types [...]

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College Restlessness l How To Better Your Sleep In College

  College is a time for growth and self-exploration. But with all the tests, extra-curricular activities, and jobs it is hard to even sleep! Did you know the average college student gets around 6 hours of sleep? That is under the minimum ! Sleep deprivation can lead to low gpa, loss of alertness, fatigue, and [...]

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