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Natural Energy Boosters l Ways To Get Energy When Tired

  Need natural energy boosters to keep you moving? Do you feel tired throughout the day but you don't know how to restore your energy? We have a few tips for you to get you started! Power Nap A quick 10-20 minute power nap will provide a quick boost of alertness and energy. Do not [...]

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Stages of Sleep l Things You Need To Know About The Sleep Cycle

There are four stages in the sleep cycle, with a fifth stage of REM (Rapid Eye Movement) Sleep. Here are some things you need to know about these stages.   Stage 1: This stage is an early stage of sleep. You are not fully in deep sleep yet, your muscles are starting to relax and [...]

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Common Factors of Insomnia + Tips on How to Reduce It

Insomnia is common in young adults. Do you find yourself awake most of the night? Do not know what is causing your irregular sleep schedule? Need help guiding your sleep schedule back? Although there is no cure for insomnia, here are some reasons why you may not be sleeping regularly.   Work Hours Your body’s [...]

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Stressed Out? Don’t Worry! Reduce Stress Naturally With These Tips

    Life can be stressful. Whether you’re an accountant or a lion tamer (or just trying to balance your work/home life), some level of stress is inevitable. No matter what level or type of stress you experience, there are many ways to help ease your stress and calm your body and mind. Here are [...]

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Easy (And Fun) Natural Ways To Lose Weight

    Achieving a healthy (and happy) weight can make a world of a difference in your daily life, and luckily, a love of suffering is not a prerequisite. Being able to fit into your favorite clothes, sleep well, have lots of energy, and look and feel great are just some of the benefits of [...]

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All Natural Ways To Strengthen Your Immunity Naturally

Your immune system is the backbone of your health. Being sick is never convenient (or a good look), and it’s essential to keep your immune system from being compromised. Follow these tips to keep your energy up and illnesses at bay with some easy, all-natural tips. Eat Raw Food Raw fruits and vegetables are especially [...]

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Jet Lag l What Is It + Tips On How To Reduce It

  Jet lag got you feeling some type of way? Ever feel ‘out of place’ whenever you come back from a trip? Timezone has shifted? Your sleep schedule is chaotic? Scared you won’t get it back? We came up with a few tips that may help you come back from your trip feeling ‘normal’ again! [...]

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How long should a nap be? I The benefits of napping

Do you nap for 10 minutes? Or do you nap for hours? Napping is key element to your health, but napping too long may actually be bad for you. First starters, here are some facts your should know about napping!   What are the benefits of napping?   We all need a little re-boost. Napping [...]

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Avoid These Foods Before You Go To Bed l High Fat Foods + Drinks

    Ever wake up in the middle of the night with stomach pains? It is probably because you ate something that upset your stomach before you went to bed. If you want to be able to get a full night’s rest without screaming “ahhhhhhhh”, monitor what you eat! You should be giving yourself 2 [...]

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Foods to Help You Sleep l Improve Your Sleep Patterns With These Snacks

Foods to Help You Sleep l Improve Your Sleep Patterns With These Snacks   Are you having trouble sleeping at night? Do you not know what is making you stay up all night? Maybe it is your eating habits? Eating is one of life’s essentials. The foods you eat not only affects your sleep, but your overall [...]

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