Valentine’s Day on a Budget

  Can you believe it’s already February? We can’t either! You know what February is? It’s a month filled with love! Do not know what to do for Valentine’s Day or what to give to your special someone? Here are some great ideas so you aren’t sitting around! Everyone deserves a little love! Here are [...]

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Happy Lunar New Year!

  We are coming towards the end of January! So many new things this year, new President, New Year, new month, and our final blog of the month! We survived the first month of 2017! With this last January blog, we wanted to share something a little special. Since we are a Chinese-based herbal company, [...]

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How to Get your Sleeping Schedule Back After the Holidays

  Let’s face it, after the Holidays, it is hard to go back to our daily routine. Especially with sleep! We were so used to sleeping in, staying out late night, and pigging out! The beginning of January is here, and we see ourselves saying “back to reality we go…….”.  You may find yourself feeling [...]

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New Year’s Eve in Southern California 2016

New Year’s Eve in Southern California The New Year is quickly coming up! Don’t have any plans for that countdown on New Year’s Eve? Here are some fun ideas you might enjoy so you are not a couch potato before 2017!   For Families: Grand Park DTLA Every year, the Grand Park located at the [...]

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Christmas in Southern California

    The Holidays are around the corner! What better way to go out with your family this winter break! We may not have snow, but we do have a lot of fun things to do! Here are some ideas and fun gifts to get for Christmas! SoCal is best known for its theme parks. [...]

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How to Keep Healthy Joints for the Winter

  When we are cold, our muscles stiffen making it harder to move joints. When it is cold, you just want to stay wrapped in a blanket for a whole day! But that can also be a bad thing. Here are a few tips to keep your joints moving and growing this winter!   Keep [...]

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Tips to Prevent Winter Migraines

  It's December! Which means, the Holidays! But the Holiday season can also mean the 'cold' season. It is always stressful towards the end of the year in preparation for Christmas, and the upcoming new year. All the stress may lead to migraines. Here are a few tips that may help prevent migraines during this season! [...]

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Autumn Health (4/5)

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Funny Father’s Day Gifts That Will Make Dad Laugh

Funny Father's Day Gifts That Will Make Dad Laugh Every year on the third Sunday in June, we have the opportunity to show dads of the world how much we love ‘em. This Father’s Day, give pops the gift of laughter with funny Father's Day gifts! The cheap Father’s Day gift ideas in this list [...]

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Stop Stomach Pain After Eating The Natural Way

Stop Stomach Pain After Eating The Natural Way The #1 biggest frustration for the foodies of the world is the indigestion that unfortunately sometimes follows a scrumptious meal. What causes annoying indigestion? Why do we get gas? In this article you’ll learn about the causes of indigestion, as well as some natural remedies for gas [...]

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