Christmas in (Southern) California

Okay, So Cal may not get a “white Christmas,” but that doesn’t mean that our holiday is any less festive than anywhere else around! Being born and raised in Southern California (quite close to Los Angeles), I don’t know what it’s like to wake up to snow on the ground. In fact, the last time it snowed in Los Angeles was January 9th, 1949! Sure, it will snow in the mountain areas, but not in the valley. We’ve gotten pretty comfortable with our sunny Los Angeles weather. I get cold in 60 degree weather, sometimes we can even wear sandals in December! Well here is a little light on what it’s like for us in LA during the winter holidays.

The Hollywood Christmas Parade

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The Hollywood Christmas Parade is one of the most longstanding Christmas traditions around here. Every year, the Sunday after Thanksgiving, Santa Claus accompanies floats, celebrities, marching bands, and dance teams in a 2.5 mile parade around Hollywood. There are always surprises along the way and free seating can always be found!

Boat Parades

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A fabulous tradition to participate in is going to the boat parades. People decorate their boats with decorations, lights and tons of Christmas spirit and parade around a couple nights in December. While there are many to watch, my personal favorite is the one in Newport Beach.

The LA Zoo Holiday Lights in Griffith Park

& The Reindeer Romp

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This awesome light spectacular runs on selected dates from Thanksgiving to New Years and has LED lights, lasers, 3D Projections and interactive animal themed displays. The LA Zoo also has the Reindeer Romp, where visitors get to see live reindeer and enjoy holiday themed arts and crafts!


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SO maybe most of us don’t wake up to fresh powder on Christmas day, unless you live in the mountain regions, but we can still make a snow, er I mean, SAND man! For those of us next to the coast, not only do we decorate the palm trees, we also opt for this festive craft. There are even competitions on who can create the best sand castle creations!


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Not saying that downtown areas in the city don’t decorate for Christmas, but if you’re dying for a super festive holiday celebration, you head over to Disneyland. The characters even come out in their festive sweaters and holiday wear. The entire park is decorated from head to toe in Christmas garb and it snows after the fireworks! Everyone leaves being bit by the Christmas bug.

Outdoor Ice Skating

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Even though we don’t have snow and ice everywhere – sometimes we’ll get a little “frost,” but its not what the rest of the US gets – but we still want to ice skate! There are a number of outdoor ice skating rinks around the Los Angeles area to keep the tradition alive. You don’t have to worry about “ugly” winter weather because we rarely see that.

By no means am I bragging about Christmas in so cal. In fact, many of us will go “home” for the holidays to be in the snow and cold weather for the holidays. We simply have adapted a different spin on decorating and celebrating the holidays. We might be spoiled with our weather that is true. But many people still need the snow for it to feel like Christmas, and I don’t blame them.

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