College is a time for growth and self-exploration. But with all the tests, extra-curricular activities, and jobs it is hard to even sleep! Did you know the average college student gets around 6 hours of sleep? That is under the minimum ! Sleep deprivation can lead to low gpa, loss of alertness, fatigue, and the list goes on! College students should be getting at least 8 hours of sleep. We came up with a few tips to help you throughout the school year!


  • Study ahead of time
    • All nighters in college are normal, but studying ahead of time will reduce the chances of pulling an all nighter! Study ahead for early success!
  • Stay away from caffeine at night
    • Although you may need caffeine to study at night, early studying will cause you not to rely on caffeine! Too much caffeine may make you stay awake.
  • Make a calendar
    • With technology taking over, everyone relies on their phones to set reminders. Try planning your month out by physically writing it on a calendar! Visuals may help.
  • Don’t study on your bed
    • Try to study in an area that will get you to finish work faster. Working on your bed may cause you to get too comfortable and will delay your work.
  • Don’t rely on sleeping on weekends
    • Plan your schedule ahead of time. Sleep should be a priority every single day!
  • Put your books away right before bedtime
    • Having books near your bed around bedtime may cause you to think about it. Do not stress before going to bed!
  • Turn off all lights
    • Having a single light on may trigger your awakeness, turn off all your lights and make sure your room is quiet!
  • Herbal Supplements
    • Try our Herbal sleep supplements! Our sleep product Snooze relieves occasional sleeplessness and promotes restful sleep. We have them in travel packs, perfect for on the go!
  • Sleep schedule
    • Last but not least, set a consistent sleep schedule! Once you get your school or work schedule, plan in advanced. There is always a way to get consistency when it comes to scheduling. Do not rely on anything last minute! Schools are not purposely out to get you, but test you!


Follow these tips and soon you will be on the road to a healthy college life! Have any more tips on how to get sleep in college? Comment below!