Stress can take a huge toll on your physical and mental health. Sometimes, we are so focused that we do not know if we are really stressed. Stress can affect your behavior and even work performance. Although each level of stress varies per person, look out for these common symptoms of stress.


Emotional Signs of Stress


Mood Changes

-If you are mood is constantly changing, you may be stressed. One may not have a consistent feeling because there is just so many things going on.

Working Slow

-You may find yourself working at a slower rate than usual. If so, you probably have a lot on your mind and can’t focus on one thing.

Feeling Lonely

-If you are feeling very isolated, your stress may have prevented you from seeing people. You may find yourself feeling alone and not confident on seeing anyone.


-You may find yourself feeling depressed because you have isolated yourself from everyone. Stress may have took a toll on you to a point where you do not know what you are doing anymore.


Physical Signs of Stress


Upset Stomach

-Stress may cause you to not have a stable diet. Not having a stable diet can cause digestive problems such as stomach pains, gas, and even bloating.

Low Energy

-You may find yourself having low energy because you might be mentally checked out. You feel like not doing anything because you feel overworked or have too much on the mind.

Muscle Tension

-Your body may be under stress if your muscles are frequently tight or in pain.


-Stress may cause you to lose your sleeping schedule. You may find yourself having sleepless nights if your body is under a lot of stress each day.


If these signs worsen, consult with your doctor! Try  doing other activities by managing your stress! Take a break once in awhile and do something fun to keep your mind off things.