Earth Day: It’s All About the Upcycle

Happy Earth Day, Earthlings! We can all help save our home by reducing, reusing, and recycling. This entire day should be about keeping our beautiful Mother Earth better than when we got her. The best part about Earth Day activities is how incredibly creative you can be! So grab that glue gun and some old junk and let’s get to crafting! To celebrate our world’s special day, we put together a list of our favorite upcycles! Looking for some fun Earth Day Tips? Check out our Easy to Be Green Earth Day blog.

Our Favorite Upcycles

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Waterproofing the Dog House

DVD Dragon Scales? Waterproof roofing for sheds or dog houses done easy! Simply layer old CDs or DVDs like so and you’ve turned that dog house in a wicked, dragon scale looking and waterproof home. Who knew Fido was so stylish?

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Toilet Paper Roll… Art?

We ALL have these babies in our house… and I bet your first instinct doesn’t include creating art out of those old paper towel and toilet paper rolls. Right? Well this artist specializes in it, and it’s totally cool. We especially love the disgruntled faces…


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Kitty Vases is awesome, and their vases are no exception to this. By taking plastic bottles, the super crafty upcycle gods made these adorable kitty cat vases that we want to steal. Seriously, we want these in our office. Like right meow.


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The Tire Totter

This is a super easy teeter totter for the kids! Assembly seems pretty self-explanatory. Just grab some junk, fasten it together, paint a cute – almost creepy – face on it and you’re ready to rock and roll… pun intended…


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Plastic Bag… Sandals?

My Recycled Bags blog has the BEST way to use those old plastic bags that we get so frequently. Have you ever thought about making some SANDALS out of those bags? You can find her detailed instructions here.


BH Blog_Earth Day-Upcycle_blog content image 6

Bubble Wrap Beads

We love bubble wrap. It is quite possibly the most entertaining and childish way to pass time, ever. But we would proudly pop away the day, every day. So when you’re done popping those irresistible bubbles, keep that sheet of plastic and make some jewelry! It’s as simple as cutting the bubble wrap into 2 inch strips, wrapping it in parchment paper and ironing it for 30 seconds. After letting the plastic strip cool, add another strip and do the process again. For rad beads like these, you want 5-7 layers of bubble wrap awesomeness. Get your pop on!


What are your favorite upcycles? Send us a picture of your best upcycles on Twitter! @BioTerraHerbs #earthdayupcycle #bioterraherbs

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