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Achieving a healthy (and happy) weight can make a world of a difference in your daily life, and luckily, a love of suffering is not a prerequisite. Being able to fit into your favorite clothes, sleep well, have lots of energy, and look and feel great are just some of the benefits of being a healthy weight. Follow these tips to make healthy weight management fun and easy.

Make Exercise Fun

Exercise has often become synonymous with doing a chore, but physical activity can be an incredibly fun experience (and a few naturally occurring endorphins don’t hurt either!) So, get the most out of your exercise by using natural supplements that can help generate energy and boost metabolism. And remember that old slow-and-steady aphorism: don’t feel the need to rush to do too much exercise at once. The most natural way to lose weight is by building a slow and steady routine so you stick with it and it becomes a habit. Twenty minutes three times a week will get your heart pumping and strengthen vital organs and muscles. Whatever exercise you decide to do (hiking, weight-lifting, crime-fighting, etc.), make sure that it is something you really enjoy doing.

To make your exercise even more fun, load up a playlist of high-energy music or an engaging podcast, consider joining a group (especially great for yoga, running, or cycling), discover some trails with beautiful scenery, or compete against yourself for a faster speed, more intense workout, or most water guzzled before noon. If the gym isn’t your thing, exercising outside can enhance the experience with fresh air, sunshine, and being around plants and animals. It will lift your mood, keep you energized, and, combined with the right nutrients, is one of the better natural ways to lose weight because it provides steady results that will keep you motivated.

Spruce Up Your Water

Among the laziest and most effective elements of healthy weight loss, drinking more water can work miracles for weight management, and it doesn’t have to be a boring routine. It will save you from becoming dehydrated, which will make you drowsy, lethargic, and zap your energy. Pairing good old fashioned water with natural weight loss supplements (look for all natural non-GMO ingredients like kelp and grape seed extract) on a regular basis can have incredible added benefits and efficiently take your weight loss game to the next level. For a fun twist, add your favorite fruits and turn your water into a fruit-flavored drink. Add blueberries, cucumbers, oranges, lemon, or lime for a refreshing and healthy drink that will be hard to resist, making it easy to drink the recommended amount of water each day.

Take The Pressure Off

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As you experiment with ways to lose weight naturally, the last thing you may feel you need is more pressure. Although healthy weight loss does take time, it’s exciting to start seeing the results, and the moment you’re forced to buy new, smaller-sized clothing is the clearest sign that your body is adjusting to your healthy habits. So instead of the boring, tedious task of counting calories, and instead of being pressured every morning to move those numbers on the scale, ditch the calorie counting and scale altogether. As Prevention points out, muscle takes up less space than fat, so you could gain weight (due to building muscle) but still lose inches off your waist. Focusing solely on how your clothes fit and how you feel is a more natural, easy way to lose weight, and weight management will become much more fun without the hassle of needless pressure (and math).

A Few Other Tips

Make sure that you start the day off right by eating a big, healthy breakfast. Eating a substantial breakfast provides the body with the fuel it needs to begin the day off with energy and mental alertness. Provide your body with a healthy kick start each morning, with a combination of diverse, healthy foods and natural weight loss supplements. If it is difficult for you to eat in the morning, a great way to lose weight naturally is to simply stop eating a few hours before going to bed. In the morning, your body will naturally be hungry and wanting a good meal (and you will likely have dodged some late night snack mistakes).

Another helpful tip to make weight management fun is to follow the 80/20 rule. A little cheat day never hurt anyone, so eat healthy 80% of the time and then let yourself indulge and be more carefree 20% of the time. This provides a balance so you don’t feel too restricted.

Making weight management easy and fun enables you to pursue a healthy lifestyle without feeling deprived. Follow these natural ways to lose weight to make health a part of your life, and not just a temporary diet or short-term fix. Being physically active, getting the right nutrition to support your ideal weight, and feeling genuinely healthy is important. It’s also fun and easy to do when the pressure is off and you’re still allowed to enjoy life and the foods you love. Contact BioTerra Herbs or connect with us on social media for more fun and easy tips to lose weight naturally!