Need some energy to get you through the week? Here are some list of foods that may enhance your energy! Soon you will be back up on your feet.



-Add asparagus to your lunch! Definitely underrated, but this veggie is filled with B Vitamins that may support energy levels.


-Different types of nuts such as almonds and cashews, provide magnesium which may assist in converting sugar to energy. They may also regulate blood sugar levels!

Fresh fruit

-Grab some fresh fruit to go! Fresh fruit come with sugar that is filled with fiber. Vitamin C fruits like bananas may help turn fats into energy.


-Salmon can also be considered as “brain food”. Its omega 3 fatty acids may contribute to energy levels and help with blood pressure levels.


-Fear hummus? Hummus actually contains all the nutrients that provide energy such as chickpeas, olive oil, lemon juice, and tahini.

Greek Yogurt

-Greek Yogurt is filled with magnesium which promotes the release of energy.

Dark Chocolate

-Dark Chocolate is a good pick me up! It comes with natural sugars and caffeine that is great for a jumpstart! Do not consume too much chocolate though since it contains carbs!


Have any more foods that you did not see on this list? Comment below!