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Herbs have a long history of helping to promote health and wellness in people all over the world. In fact, herbal medicine has been practiced for centuries, providing us modern people with longstanding, tested formulas that can help to balance the body, cleanse toxins, and stimulate the mind. While herbs cannot replace your doctor’s recommendations, they can help you stay healthy in between visits.
Our products are available here on our website, as well as in some major retailers like Walmart or CVS. You can find BioTerra Herbs in your area by visiting our Retail Locator page.
At this time, BioTerra Herbs are sold exclusively in the United States. But don’t lose heart, Canadians – we’re hoping to take our herbs internationally soon.
The shelf life of our herbs varies from product to product. However, most of our herbal supplements last between two and three years.
At BioTerra Herbs, we prefer to keep things natural. To create all natural products, we don’t use any magnesium stearate!
All our supplements are safety sealed for your protection. If you ever receive a BioTerra product with a seal that is missing, broken, or torn, do not use it!

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Sourcing, Manufacturing & Testing…

All of our products are manufactured in the USA. To be more specific, we create our herbal supplements in southern California.
We seek to create the best possible supplements for our customers, and we want to explore all the amazing herbs this world has to offer. This is why we source our ingredients from sites all over the world.
While we believe that our supplements can help you get over life’s little hurdles, these herbs are not meant to replace professional medical advice or treatment. FDA and FTC guidelines prohibit us from making disease claims concerning dietary supplements. As such, our dietary supplements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition.
Each of our products undergoes rigorous testing before they hit shelves. We use high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC testing), and thin layer chromatography (TLC testing). These help us discover what precisely is in every capsule.
At BioTerra Herbs, we take our products very seriously, from development to distribution. We only work with the highest quality warehouses and manufacturing facilities in the industry, and every part of our production process complies with CGMPs.
As we mentioned earlier, all our products undergo HPLC and TLC testing before they are released. But that isn’t all we do to make sure our products are clean and all natural! We also subject our herbal supplements to microbial analysis, which helps us locate unwanted bacteria in the herbs, and heavy metal testing that locates any materials like mercury, arsenic, lead, or cadmium. All our products are Non-GMO verified, too, which ensures our herbs are free of genetically modified organisms!

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