Feeling the Rainbow

They say we are a product of our environment – oh, how right “they” are.

We react to multiple levels of association with colors. The colors you are surrounded by affect your mood and mental state. Even the clothes that you choose to wear affect how you will feel or are feeling (think all black to funerals). From wall colors you paint to the flowers you have on display to the color of your watch, it all affects you and your mental state every day.

“Seeing red, feeling blue, green with envy”… There is a reason we have sayings like these; we react in different ways to certain colors, whether we are aware of it or not. Think of your favorite color. Why is it your favorite color? How does it make you feel? It more likely than not gives you a feeling that you like. So here is the breakdown of how most colors affect us.

Feeling the Rainbow

Here is a simple color breakdown:


raises the energy, stirs up excitement and passion, draws people together for conversation, raise blood pressure & heart rate. The most intense, pumps adrenaline. Strong. It is no surprise that red has the greatest effect on people. It exudes confidence and automatically gets your attention. It takes guts to rock a red dress or red lipstick and by wearing red, you automatically feel more confident. Red can also have a negative effect on people. It can bring anger and complicated emotions to people. It is not recommended for living room walls.


captures joy of sunshine, bright, communicates happiness. Perfect for dining rooms, bathrooms. When you are feeling low, yellow can take you out of your “funk”. Try wearing yellow accessories, or buying a yellow watch. The color is bright and happy and can refresh a day from the dumps.


brings down blood pressure and heart rate, is considered calming, relaxing and serene. However, it can also unpleasantly chilly and can be depressing, so be careful with your use and tone of blue. Light blues and periwinkle are great for painting walls to encourage relaxation; and a way to bring some cool-ness to your ensemble is with some teal or turquoise. Navy is always a staple color and can be brightened up with Orange or fiery Red!


Green is the most mellow and “restful” color for the human eye. This, alone, tends to relax us. It is a happy medium between the sometimes chilly blue and very bright and happy yellow. It is hard to go wrong with green; almost all shades work well when painting the room or picking a statement color and every skin tone has a green that completely compliments them! (See! It’s easy to be green!) Green has enough warmth to promote comfort and togetherness without overwhelming the senses.


can be considered Royal and associated with Luxury in its richest tones. As an accent color, it can add depth to a room and really bring the décor together. The lighter versions like lavender have the same cooling qualities as blues without the risk of getting chilly. A purple dress can be quite sophisticated; it boasts respect and is very bold.


shows self-love and acceptance. To no surprise, it represents compassion and love. It is a little less abrasive than its counter-part (red), but still has its “call to action” attitude. It brings a sweetness and innocence when wearing it in your clothing or accessory choices and brings out the inner child of most. Pink inspires warm and comforting feelings; it calms and reassures our emotional energies.


evokes excitement, enthusiasm and (to no surprise) is an energetic color. Always great for workout rooms but not so much for bedrooms; it can amp you up leaving this weird thing called “sleep” somewhat of a problem. Fun fact: In ancient cultures, orange was believed to heal the lungs and increase energy. In fashion, it is a bold color to choose. It shows that you are risky and it grabs attention, but is a little safer than, say, bright yellow. Orange brings a fun energy and is always encouraging.


neutrals can be very boring if there are too much in one place. Don’t get me wrong, the classic white Tee and blue jeans will NEVER go out of style, but as far as wall choices, white can be pretty ding-dang-darn dull. Grays and blacks are always classic but they can get too dark as wall colors.

Dark vs Light: 

Dark colors are more sophisticated, warm and intimate. They can be felt as “cozy” and expressional. Light colors, on the other hand, are expansive and airy; they make small places seem bigger. They bring a lighter and brighter feeling to the party. When choosing a palate to paint your life with, think about the feeling you get from the color you are interested in. After which, it is appropriate to play around with light and dark hues of that color to really pin point the exact feeling you are trying to evoke.

Now you can see why here at BioTerra Herbs, we love color! The more rainbow bright we can get things, the better. Whatever colors you choose to surround yourself with, just make sure they bring you joy. The feelings we get from life can be encouraged, emphasized and boosted by a simple yellow watch or green wall. Colors affect our appetite, mood, mental focus, confidence and so much more! Have fun with your life and the colors that you live with. Feel the rainbow.

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