Do not know what foods to eat to aid digestion? We came up with some dos and don’ts that will leave your stomach feeling great!



Whole Grains – Whole grains such as brown rice and oats contain fiber which may help digestion.

Salmon – Compared to other meats such as red meat, it contains less fat which may be easier to break down.

Bananas – Bananas help with bowel function, meaning they can cleanse your digestive system. This fruit also contains fiber that aid digestion.

Yogurt – Yogurt contains healthy bacteria that may help digest food.

Ginger – Very popular in Traditional Chinese Medicine, ginger speeds up the digestion process by transferring food from the stomach to the upper small intestine.



High Fat Foods – High fat foods, including fried foods, may be too much to handle for your stomach. Consuming too much of these may result in an upset stomach and heartburn. These type of foods may stay in your digestive tract for a long time while can cause bloating.

Chili Peppers – This spicy staple may distract the esophagus and can lead to heartburn. Anything spicy may affect your digestive tract. 

Alcohol, Caffeine, Soda – Caffeinated beverages and alcohol can build stomach acid which may lead to heartburn, cramping, and even diarrhea.

Dairy – Lactose may be hard to digest that may result bloating and diarrhea. Definitely stay away from dairy if you are lactose intolerant.


Have some more you would like to add to this list? Comment below!