Fruits do not only contain strong vitamins, they are also beneficial to your digestive system! Add these fruits to your daily diet and snacks, soon you will be on the road to a better digestive system!



Apples contain a fiber called pectin which are used to get rid of toxins in the body and help improve digestion. You can try pureeing the apples into an applesauce, it will keep food moist and can cut down fat.  You can use applesauce as a replacement for butter to make your meal healthier.



This handy fruit comes with soluble fiber, a fiber that transports food through the gastrointestinal tract if combined with liquid. Overall, fiber may improve cholesterol levels and irritable bowel syndrome. Start your day off with some high-fiber cereal and pear slices!



Papayas are filled with enzymes called papain. Papain breaks down protein which makes it easy to digest.The chemical reaction from the enzyme speeds up the process that moves food into the gastrointestinal tract. Mix yogurt and soymilk with papaya to make a great smoothie that is not to heavy on the stomach!



With raspberries providing fiber, eat them whole to get the full benefit. Add raspberries to whole grains such as oats or cereal. Raspberries may help with indigestion and heartburn.



Bananas are also high and fiber and contain pectin which may reduce stomach ulcers. Bananas is also a probiotic that may help clean the gut. Cut bananas into slices and add them on toast!



Prunes are definitely underrated, but these dried plums contain a pack load of benefits! They are known to help the digestive tract due to its “natural laxative effect” in the body. They contain both insoluble and soluble fibers that get rid of waste from the body. Eat prunes by itself or add them to your cereal.


Have any more fruit suggestions for digestion? Let us know and comment below!