5 Fun Memorial Day Activities To Do With Your Family

Memorial Day is annually celebrated on the last Monday in May. For some people it simply means a refreshing and fun three day weekend full of Memorial Day activities, and a much needed break from the office. For others though it holds a very special significance, one that everyone should recognize and appreciate.

The real meaning behind Memorial Day goes beyond BBQs and trips to the lake. All in all, Memorial Day is a day to remember those who sacrificed their lives for our country while serving in the military. It’s also a great opportunity to show honor and respect to the men and women who are currently protecting our country and our freedoms.

Here are 5 fun Memorial Day activities to do with your family.

Have a BBQ in the great outdoors

Memorial Day Activities

This option is a well-loved family favorite for Memorial Day. Whether you go to the park, the beach, or a local lake, BBQing up some good ole American food is always a great way to celebrate. We’re talking hamburgers, hotdogs, and apple pie for dessert. To remind the family of the meaning behind the holiday, read a special Memorial Day poem before you dig in.

(We know all that food might not be very good for your digestive health, so we recommend taking our favorite of all natural remedies for gas and bloating to the cookout – Digestion…belch.)

Participate in the National Moment of Remembrance

If you decide to do nothing else on Memorial Day, wherever you are you can stop and participate in the National Moment of Remembrance. This is a nationwide movement to stop whatever you’re doing at 3 p.m. local time, and pause for just one minute to reflect on and honor our fallen soldiers. This is a very special family tradition to start at your home.

Attend a local event

Memorial Day Activities

Many communities host Memorial Day events and programs with performances and tributes. Here are just a few family-friendly events that will probably be going on somewhere near you: Memorial Day fireworks, parades, festivals, block parties, etc. Be sure to check your local newspaper for announcements of events.

Write a letter to a veteran or soldier

Thanks to Operation Gratitude, anyone can write a thankful letter to a current soldier or veteran, and Memorial Day is a great occasion to get your creative juices flowin’ in this way. This is also one of our favorite memorial day crafts to do with kids. You can even prepare a super sweet care package for a deployed soldier through Operation Gratitude as well.

Let the kids work on some Memorial Day coloring pages

Memorial Day Activities

Memorial Day coloring pages are a great way to get those crazy kids out of your hair and keep ‘em busy, so you can enjoy your day off as well. We recommend these patriotic coloring pages from Crayola. This site also has nifty coloring pages that feature stars, stripes, and American heroes.

These are all memorable and fun things to do on Memorial Day. While remembering the true meaning behind Memorial Day, we hope that these family friendly activities will help you have a great three day weekend. Now get out there and celebrate America!

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