Funny Father’s Day Gifts That Will Make Dad Laugh

Every year on the third Sunday in June, we have the opportunity to show dads of the world how much we love ‘em. This Father’s Day, give pops the gift of laughter with funny Father’s Day gifts! The cheap Father’s Day gift ideas in this list are sure to put a smile on his face, while not breaking the bank. *Warning* Some of these gifts are best for the dad with a really good sense of humor.

The Relationship Rescue Bundle

Funny Father's Day Gifts

A life changing pack of two all natural, non-GMO supplements- one that will help him stop snoring like a bear in hibernation, and the other to help her stay asleep. Check it out here.

Funny Tee Shirt

Funny Father's Day Gifts

Any casual dad with daughters will get a kick out of a personalized tee shirt like this one.

Bathroom Humor Book

Funny Father's Day Gifts

For the dad who likes to take his sweet time in the bathroom, a funny book will keep him entertained and laughing.

Exploding Golf Ball

Funny Father's Day Gifts

An exploding golf ball that combusts on impact is a hilarious way to either prank your dad or, if he’s a jokester, give him one as a gift to prank a friend!

Rival Sports Team Toilet Paper

Funny Father's Day Gifts

What dad wouldn’t appreciate this clever gag gift?

Engraved Beer Mug

Funny Father's Day Gifts

This hilarious engraved beer mug is definitely for the dad with a sarcastic sense of humor.

Potty Putter Game


Yet another entertaining gift that makes time spent in the throne room so much more enjoyable.

Anti-Stress Supplement

Funny Father's Day Gifts

This herbal supplement is a funny way to say “sorry” for all the stress you add to his life, and a practical way to help relieve it! Purchase it here.

Bacon Apron

Funny Father's Day Gifts

If your father figure spends a lot of time in the kitchen whipping up delicious meals (mostly bacon), then this is the perfect gift for him.

Any one of these funny Father’s Day gifts, or a combination of them, will suffice for the dad with a great sense of humor. And remember, Father’s Day is also a good time to give gifts to your father-in-law, grandpa, a father figure in your life, or a close friend or sibling who just became a father. Have a happy Father’s Day!



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