Getting Fit in Fall – Part One: Halloween

We know, we know… when you think of autumn, you don’t necessarily think of getting in shape. Perhaps a plethora of yummy candy and treats, turkey and pumpkin pie comes to mind, instead. That’s absolutely fine! But enjoying the fall season and working on your fitness at the same time can totally be done. Here are a couple fall health tips to keep in mind this lovely autumn season that can help you stay in shape before the snow falls.

All Hallow’s Eve


You’re going to have to start somewhere, right? Regardless of how you’re spending your Halloween, make sure you eat a nutritious and seasonal dinner! We recommend Stuffed Jack-o-Lantern Peppers, Pumpkin soup, Frankenstein Cucumber Sandwiches, or these low-fat cheese and veggie Vampire Pizzas! Make sure to jam pack your supper with tons of seasonal veggies to fuel up for the fun Halloween festivities!

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We love the sweet stuff just as much as the next guy, but when it comes to getting fit in the fall, we have to set up some guidelines. When it comes to Halloween, it is all too easy to go bonkers and eat all the candy before the cute little trick-or-treaters even get to the front door. (Poor little things never really had a shot). So while you’re waiting to see the parade of pirates and Dora the Explorers at your door, PUT THE CANDY AWAY. *Gasp!* that’s right! Out of sight, out of mind. Do something else until night falls and when the first group shows up at your door, pillow case in hand, THEN get the candy out of the other room and hand out accordingly. *We recommend Paydays, Dark Chocolate, and 3 Musketeers as low-calorie/high protein alternatives.


If you have little tots of your own and you’ll be participating in the candy parade, put on your walking shoes! Don’t let your kids go with someone else! Use this time not only to bond with your little angry bird and Princess Sofia, but get some exercise in, too! Some have estimated that the average parent/kid duo walk 5 miles begging for candy! So burn some calories and take the tykes out on Halloween… and don’t ruin it by eating their candy! Show some restraint, man!

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Those Halloween Parties

Okay, so maybe you’re skipping the whole trick-or-treating thing altogether and hitting up a Halloween party or two. You can still keep your “fit for fall mentality” throughout the night. Watch out for those ghoulish finger foods! Making healthy choices will keep you in the clear of extra calories that will haunt you for days to come. Look for fruits and veggies on the appetizer table, and avoid greasy or cheesy bites! Many finger foods are more like tricks than treats!

So choose wisely. It’s always a good idea to bring your own appetizer to the party, so you know you have something to nibble on throughout the night. Alcohol: we know everyone will be drinking that “witch’s brew” and lord knows how much sugar is in that thing, bring your own! If you don’t opt for your own brew at the party, then just take a small cup and cut it down with some water. Alcohol is very sugary, so even if you’re avoiding the candy, you could still be burying yourself alive with sugar, like a soon-to-be zombie.

In essence, it’s totally possible to work on that fitness during the Halloween season! Just keep the sugar to the minimum, guys! Enjoy the Halloween season with all your spooky traditions without breaking the calorie bank! How do YOU stay fit for the fall season? Tell us on Twitter! @BioTerraHerbs #fitforfall

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