Getting Fit in Fall – Part Two: Thanksgiving

Congrats, guys! We made it through Hallow’s Eve and (hopefully) our waistline is thanking us for following our fit for fall advice from Getting Fit for fall – Part One: Halloween blog. We strayed from the calorie-dense sugary awesomeness and took the tykes out for some trick-or-treating. So now the hard part begins…

Only in America would we have a holiday solely based on eating. And we LOVE IT. (We’re fat. We know…) but making it through the holiday doesn’t necessarily mean you have to eat your weight in Grandma’s sweet potatoes or finish off an entire pumpkin pie, solo. (It’s not a race, dude). No! We can rebel from the status quo and keep our eye on the ball! So here are some easy ways to getting fit in fall on national eat-everything-day.


Prep. The morning of turkey day, eat a low-cal, protein dense breakfast. We suggest eggs, low-fat yogurt, fruit, and almonds (adjust according to your dietary desires). This will give you energy to get through the long day ahead and keep the calories on the lower side, so your day doesn’t completely fall of the wayside.

Pumpkin Spice Everything

In case you live under a rock, the autumnal season brings many wondrous things – one of them being pumpkin spice. Yes, we are as obsessed with pumpkin spice everything as any other American, BUT we are pacing ourselves. Even though PS hits store shelves at the end of September, and is totally available throughout the month of October Halloween craze, we prefer to keep it a part of Thanksgiving and all its yumminess. Don’t be tempted in buying everything at Trader Joe’s that has the delicious flavor added to it. We’re going to quote our mother here: “PICK ONE”. Yup, you heard us. Pick one super yummy treat that is Pumpkin Spiced and enjoy it. After that, walk away. Try to opt for low calorie options when you can! Keep everything in moderation and you’ll keep your taste buds just as happy as the buttons on your pants.

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Thanksgiving brings friends and families together and with togetherness comes… alcohol. We know, guys, you like to party – we do, too! Whether you “tolerate” your loved ones during the holidays or you all do some wine-tasting together, limit your alcohol consumption on Thanksgiving. You will already have so many other goodies that will rack up the calories, adding empty calories on top of that is not a good idea. We are getting fit in fall, guys! Focus!


Alright, so we have our drink (and we’re limiting it to 1 or 2 drinks today), now it’s time to handle appetizers. Obviously, you’re not going to dodge the appetizer table. I mean, that’s simply un-American! It’s okay to snack a little, it is Thanksgiving for goodness sake! But here’s the kicker: make smart choices! That means go for the veggies!! Avoid anything deep fried, oily, cheesy, fatty, or just plain delicious (ha! Sorry, it just seems to go hand in hand). Reach for hummus and pita chips or veggies and dip! If you’re really worried that there isn’t going to be anything (of nutritional nature) that you can munch on, bring something yourself! You can make low-calorie and baked versions on ANYTHING these days! Remember our goal is to enjoy our Omnomnom holiday without having to be air-lifted out of there!

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This is the moment. You have your plate and you’re walking around the table that is completely packed with holiday awesomeness. Everything screams Thanksgiving and it is oh, too tempting to pile it on and get down to business. But wait, keep this is mind: Take it slow. Make sure you don’t get too anxious and scarf down your food or you’ll be in real trouble (like previous years). When piling on the food, stick to small servings and get plenty of veggies! You can always go back, patiently, once you have finished your plate. (You know, you don’t have to go back for seconds. It’s not a rule or something). Take your time, enjoy the company that you are with, and moderate your servings. Try to limit the gravy and breads. This will help save a little room (in an hour or two) for dessert. Because it’s not Thanksgiving without dessert! We recommend taking a Digestion (belch) ten minutes after you eat to help relieve that “I think I might pop” feeling.


Here we are, the home stretch. Now, we would NEVER say to skip dessert, unless sweets aren’t really your thing. In which case, we’re super jealous of you. Of course, you will use your own judgment on the dessert situation, but we advise having one (ONE!) dessert. That’s ONE piece of pie, ONE brownie, and ONE scoop of pumpkin spiced ice cream. Not one each… Whatever it is, just have ONE. You’ll thank us later.

Don’t forget to exercise…

We know with all that turkey – or “tofu-rkey” – in your belly, moving even a foot off the couch seems unbearable, but (trust us) going for a nice walk after dinner in the cool autumn air will do wonders for your digestion and your health!


Overall, moderation is key to keeping your Thanksgiving on track. Pay attention to what you’re eating and how much of it you are enjoying. Limit your alcohol and pumpkin spice indulgences. One glass of wine don’t break the bank, but let’s keep it classy, guys!

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