Happy “Improve Your Office” Day?

What probably is the most random “day” to celebrate, today October 4th is “Improve Your Office” day! Hope you’re celebrating with your spreadsheets and staplers!

In the spirit of this completely random day, we started thinking about what makes our office so great. Maybe we don’t have the budget of Google to pour into our humble abode… yet. But we definitely like to enjoy the place we’re in! We believe that your office should inspire and celebrate your unique awesomeness. Whether your budget is $1 or $1 Million, you can make your office totally rad!

So what goes into super cool offices? The main elements to remember are color, creativity, and use of space. Of course, keeping your employees happy is a big factor here, too. Here is your starter list to create an awesome space for you and your employees!

Ergonomic Chairs.

Oh, yeah, baby! These will save your employees a lot of backaches! They are definitely worth the time, money, and effort! Most of them are super budget friendly and they can make your employees more comfortable while sitting all day long. Show some love and invest in some blissful back-saving ergonomic chairs!


You don’t have to blast grunge metal or anything that will distract from the overall vibe of the office, but keeping something on in the background can not only increase productivity, but also motivate employees! Amazing things can happen when your favorite song comes on at work! Loosen up the mood a little and put on some tunes to keep the environment professional, yet progressive.

Nap Pods!

Okay, this one is wishful thinking, but still… we want one! Did you know that NASA advises their employees to take 26 minutes naps in the middle of the day to keep them refreshed and productive? It has been shown that a nap (shorter than 30 minutes) in the afternoon can keep your mind focused, reduce stress, and increase productivity! If it’s good enough for NASA, it’s good enough for us!

Decorative Accents.

Small things can make the office more bearable. Maybe put some comfy chairs in the reception area, fun plants throughout, or decorate during the holidays! Increase morale with fun and playful decorations and décor! We love randomness, if you haven’t noticed, so we like to have super awesome stuff on our walls, like a gorillas and fun sayings!

Showcase your office values.

From having recycling bins to your mission statement painted on the wall, stay true to your company and what it values! By keeping your office space authentic to who you are and what you believe in, you will create a more synergistic and branded space.

Now you are set to celebrate Improve Your Office day by kicking up your work environment a notch or two! Keep in mind all of these ideas can be brought in on a small budget as well as a large one! No need to stress about it, take it one step at a time! Your office environment will thank you!

Happy “Improve Your Office” Day!


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