We are coming towards the end of January! So many new things this year, new President, New Year, new month, and our final blog of the month! We survived the first month of 2017! With this last January blog, we wanted to share something a little special. Since we are a Chinese-based herbal company, we thought it’d be cool to share the Lunar New Year! Lunar New Year is celebrated in China and many different parts of Asia.


Originally, the Chinese celebrated the New Year to wish luck for the farmers and the farming season. Farming was a common occupation back then but with now with China being more modern, the New Year is wished upon all businesses. It is also celebrated to renew family ties, a time to get off work and spend time with your loved ones.


What is this year’s zodiac sign?

This year’s Zodiac sign (animal) is the Rooster, Fire Rooster to be exact. The Fire Rooster represents trust and being responsible. Typically, people who are Roosters are born between January and February.

The Chinese incorporate lucky numbers, check out the Rooster’s lucky number! Each animal and number has special characteristics.



How do people celebrate the Lunar New Year?


One popular event held in Southern California includes the Tet Festival!


The Tet Festival is located in Orange County Fairgrounds from January 27-29. Although this is not Chinese-based, Vietnam also celebrates the Lunar New Year. The Tet festival is very popular in Southern California. It is filled with cultural dances, performances, carnival rides, and LOTS of food! Be sure to check it out!

There are other events in Los Angeles as well! There is a Lunar New Year parade located in Downtown LA, Lunar Festival in Alhambra, Santa Monica, and much more! Check this link out for more information!


Universal Studios Hollywood is even celebrating until February 5th! You can see parts of the park decorated with Lunar year festivities and even characters dressed up in traditional Chinese Attiree!  Check link below.




Lanterns are very symbolic in the Chinese culture especially during the Lunar New Year. Before, they were just used as ‘lamps’, but now they can be used in various ways! There are many different shapes and fun cartoons nowadays. There are even Lantern Festivals during the Lunar New Year located around the world to showcase the many different types of lanterns! Lantern Festival this years lands on February 11.

Fun fact, if you get a red envelope during the Lunar New Year, it is good! Red envelopes are filled with money and the red symbolizes “energy, happiness, and good luck”. The older you are, the more money you get.

Hope you learned a thing or two about the Lunar New Year! Have a safe and great weekend and Happy Lunar New Year!!