Herbal Sleeping Pills


Herbal Sleeping Pills l Sleep well with BioTerra Herbs

Having trouble sleeping? Is it because the baby won’t stop crying? Your neighbors are too loud? There is construction happening at night? We all have been through those sleepless nights. To increase your chances of getting better sleep, we have a few tips for you and Herbal Sleeping Pills that may just save your night!

Re-arrange your bed

  •  Your bed should be your sanctuary. If you find yourself feeling uncomfortable at night, it’s time to change your arrangement! Wash your sheets and blankets daily, move your pillows around, check to see if your mattresses are comfortable and updated for your back!

Check your room temperature

  • Ideally, to get optimal sleep your bedroom should be 60-67 degrees fahrenheit. Your room should not be too cold, or too hot. While you sleep your body temperature decreases and may help you sleep longer. If you find yourself being too hot or too cold, try adjusting your room depending on the weather and season. If it too cold, make sure all your windows are closed and have a good amount of layers for sleep! If you are too hot, have a fan or leave the window slightly open to save electricity! 

Lights off

  • Leaving any type of light on can trigger the brain to be in regular function and causes your brain to still be ‘awake’. Even a small ounce of light may affect your sleep cycle and overall health. So make sure you have all your computer screens, phone screen, and all lights turned off! 

Herbal Sleeping Pills

  • Here at BioTerra Herbs, we have something that may kick off your sleeping schedule the right way! Our herbal sleeping pills, Snooze, comes in a blend of herbs such as Jujube, Chinese Salvia, Schisandra, and Turmeric. Take  two capsules 30 minutes before you sleep and voila! Not sure if this is right for you? Consult with your doctor before taking any of our products!