Different Mattresses

How to Choose a Mattress l Different Mattresses to fit your needs

Is your back hurting because of your mattress? Don’t know how often to change your mattress? Thinking of changing your mattress but do not know which is the right pick for you? Is your sleep schedule ruined because of what you sleep on? Here are a few pointers when choosing a mattress! We listed a bunch of different mattresses to help you and your road to better sleep!


  1. Mattress Size (Know what size you are getting)
      1. Twin Size – Smallest size
      2. Full Mattress – Usually called ‘double mattress’ but can typically be the same length as the twin size bed. Twin and full mattresses may be hard to sleep on for adults. Children are often sleeping on twin and full sized mattresses.
      3. Queen Size – Queen sizes are the most popular. Can fit two people comfortably but space is narrower than the King size. Most young adults have a queen size bed. Perfect for one who moves around a lot while they sleep!
      4. King Size – The biggest size and the best choice for couples. These are typically two twin size beds combined together with just a little bit more added space. You can find King Sizes in most master bedrooms.
      5. California King Size – This type of mattress is only on the West Coast and is a little big bigger than the King Size Mattress.


  1. Type of Mattresses (Give each mattress a feel)
  • Innerspring Mattress – This type of mattress uses a steel coil for the support system. This type of mattress is the most common and cheapest. The average coil mattress lasts around 6 years.
  • Foam Mattress – Unlike the innerspring mattress, this type of mattress uses foam for support instead of coils. Foam mattresses are much softer than innerspring mattresses.
  • Memory Foam Mattress – Unlike a regular foam mattress, the memory foam mattress is a popular choice because of its ability to shape the bed according to the sleeper. These typically last 10 to 15 years. 
  • Latex Mattress – Latex mattresses are made from a natural source such as plants. These mattresses are soft as well. You may find Latex mattresses a little bit more pricier because of the material it is derived from. They also last longer.
  1. Test your mattress!
  • You spend a good chunk of your lifetime sleeping, why not make the most of it! Before you purchase a mattress, consider the feel and type of mattress. Go to an actual store instead of purchasing it online right away to test the material out! Some people might not need a memory foam and just need to update their spring mattress, while others may need the Memory Foam because of their back! Depending on your budget, these type of different mattresses may be the one for you!