Let’s face it, after the Holidays, it is hard to go back to our daily routine. Especially with sleep! We were so used to sleeping in, staying out late night, and pigging out! The beginning of January is here, and we see ourselves saying “back to reality we go…….”.  You may find yourself feeling fatigued, tired, and overall not yourself because you ruined your sleeping schedule. Whether you are coming back to work, school, or just being a parent, sleep is an essential part of life. Without sleep, you cannot function correctly. Here are a few tips to get your sleep schedule back on track!

The Do’s:

-Exercising early can help you ease into sleep. It helps exercising earlier in the day or exercising 3-4 hours before bedtime.

-Setting a mental alarm clock can help start your daily routine. During winter break, you probably got ‘used’ to staying up late, but if you practice sleeping early, you have a higher chance of sleeping early.

-When in bed, silent all electronics and turn off the lights. Having the light on is telling your brain that you are awake. The room should be dark!


The Don’ts:

-Do not eat anything heavy before you go to bed, this may cause you to not sleep due to indigestion.

-Limit caffeine, alcohol, and other heavy drinks before bed. Definitely no sugar! Sugar can help you stay awake.

-Do not do any crazy physical activities before right before you sleep, maybe do something relaxing like listen to music or read a book.

-One last thing, do not force yourself to sleep! Forcing yourself to sleep will most likely mean you will sleep later on. Don’t think too much and just ease in!

You may not be able to stay out late on weekdays, but plan ahead! Sleep is key to success. Don’t be a zombie at work, stay healthy!


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