When we are cold, our muscles stiffen making it harder to move joints. When it is cold, you just want to stay wrapped in a blanket for a whole day! But that can also be a bad thing. Here are a few tips to keep your joints moving and growing this winter!


Keep moving

Siting at a desk for so long can make your bones stiff. Make sure you keep moving! Something simple as taking a walk, going outside for fresh air, or even just switching seating positions. Not only it’ll be good for your joint, it will be especially good for your back! It is also good to stretch once in a while. Stretching can help loosen your joints, ligaments, and blood circulations.


Although moving your body is important for joint health, your nutrition plays a huge role as well! A good source for calcium would be milk! Tell your children to always finish their milk because calcium is good for joint development. There are also different kinds of milk that is enriched with Vitamin D and low in fat like Almond Milk and Coconut Milk. Eating fish for protein may help lower inflammation!

Another alternative for calcium and rich nutrients would be eating your greens! Edamame, Bokchoy, Kale, and Swiss Chard are some of the many great options!



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