How to Rock Back to School

Here we are, guys. Back to school. We are back on campus and ready to rock the pants off this semester! Right? Right! Here are our top tips to help you make this the best semester yet!

Get Organized

Pencils – check! ✓
Backpack – check! ✓
Calculator – check! ✓
American Lit book – check! ✓

Make sure you get yourself organized BEFORE the school season starts again. This helps keep you motivated and excited for a new semester at school. Try to keep things in their place and return them once you have used them. It sounds so simple, but being organized helps reduce stress. On the molecular level, our brains thrive better when everything has its own designated location. Ever feel that automatic sigh of relief right after you clean your room? Like the weight of the world has just been lifted from your shoulders? Yup, that’s the feeling we’re talking about. Reduce your stress this Fall by taking a few minutes every day to put things where they belong; it will create a productive and clean start for this semester. We know you’ll rock it!

Hit up the Sales

From computers to clothes to books and supplies, back to school costs A LOT of money, dude. Save yourself some major moola by paying attention to those back to school ads all over the place (like our Mental Focus…huh? on sale now for only $11.99 Hint. Hint.). By shopping the sales, you can save a ton of money that can be more useful elsewhere, like grabbing a coffee in between classes or enjoying something other than cup o’ noodle for lunch. We know the student life struggle is real.

Stay Healthy

Staying on top of your health is a major part of rocking the heck out of going back to school. You’ve heard it before, stay hydrated, eat fruits and veggies (mind the freshman fifteen! Ah!), yadda yadda yadda. But seriously! Make sure you drink PLENTY of water and focus on getting all the nutrients you need to stay strong. The beginning of the fall semester is prime time for germs to wreak havoc on your immune system. Make sure you are mindful of staying healthy. You know you’re going to need all the energy you can muster to climb all those stairs to get to your American Lit class.

Get Involved!

So maybe college wasn’t exactly what you were expecting. You made it all the way to Christmas break last year and only made one friend. But this year, it will be different! Well… you have to get involved. Go to the Club Fair and join some groups that you enjoy! Play sports? Go try out for the team this year! College is not the same when you have to suffer through it alone! What do you enjoy? Soccer? Chess? Anime? Underwater basket weaving? Whatever tickles your fancy, find people who like that, too! Now get out there, kid! Get involved! We’re rocking the pants off this semester… remember?

Stay Focused

So here we are. A new semester, new classes, new professors. This is the chance to be the best student that you possibly can. Don’t get distracted by the cute guy sitting in front of you. Even if his hair flips perfectly. Don’t. Do. It. You’re here to pass this American Lit class; after all, you just mustered up all that energy to climb those stairs… Now that you’re in class, listen to your professor. If you need help focusing in class, try natural, herbal remedies. Mental Focus… huh? has the perfect blend of herbs that can help support concentration, so you can pass this class.

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