How to Update Your Bed l Tips + Fun Ideas

Don’t know how to update your bed? Don’t know when to replace the sheets? We have a few tips to make sure your bed is up to date!

Step 1: The Mattress

  • Check your bed. Is your mattress in good shape? Older beds with springs tend to last only a few years, but check to see if there are no tears.
  • Is your mattress clean? No one wants to see a bed with stains!
  • Is your mattress too firm? Having a firm mattress can ruin your back joints, if you can feel the coils that means the quality of the mattress is wearing out.
  • Do you find yourself moving around a lot at night? That might be because your back is not comfortable with the texture of the mattress, also try checking the temperature of your room. For example, you might have a hard time sleeping if it is too hot!
  • Replace your old mattress with foam or memory foam! Foam mattresses cater to your back which can make sleeping pleasant. Memory foam mattress are a bit pricier, but can adjust to your back!

Step 2: Check Your Sheets and Blankets

  • Are they clean? Check to see there are no heavy stains, you wouldn’t want to see any visible stains!
  • Are they in good condition? Make sure they are not faded,  if they are faded they are usually worn out and it will be time for new ones!
  • How often should you wash your bed sheets and blankets? Every two weeks, not washing your sheets may cause bacteria and fungi to grow, we don’t want the bed bugs to bite!
  • What is the most popular type of bed sheet? Cotton! You can find cotton bed sheets everywhere, and they are usually cheaper.
  • Have a comforter for winter when it gets colder, but one main blanket should do for the rest of the year! A good blanket will cover your entire body while moving around in your sleep. The older you get, try changing your blanket depending on size!

Step 3: Pillows

  • Are they in good shape and clean? Check to see there are no tears, older pillows tend to have less cotton because they get worn out.
  • Is it bad to not have pillowcases? Not necessarily, but you can’t wash your pillows to it is better to have a pillow case! Just like a sheet, wash your pillowcases every two weeks to prevent bacteria from growing!
  • How many pillows should a bed have? A queen bed (which is the most common) usually has two standard pillows and a body pillow in the back. The number of pillows depends on the mattress size! You can put as many pillows as you like, but make sure you are able to move around to get comfortability!

Fun Ideas

  • Differentiate your pillows by adding fun pillow pets. They are not only comfortable, but cute!
  • Change your bed design – Look into the dual study table and bed combination to save space!
  • Don’t like the dark? Integrate lights around your bed to feel at ease.


Hope you found these tips helpful! Update your bed every so often and soon you will be on the road to healthier sleep!