Although, losing weight is a very hard struggle for some, keeping the weight off long-term is an even more difficult battle. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle after weight loss requires you to turn your current healthy habits into a lifestyle. Many people tend to get comfortable and slack off on fitness routines and diet once they reach their goal weight.

Here are a few tips on how to keep your weight off:

  • Keep a Journal: Keeping a food journal gives clear awareness to how much food you are actually eating. You can even start a blog or use a tracking app to keep you on track.  
  • Stick to a Health Plan: Follow a strict eating schedule regardless of any events in your life. Plan ahead for special events. By making a plan and sticking to portion control, it will assist you on staying your goal weight.
  • Exercise Daily: When it comes to fighting weight gain, exercise is a great way to boost your metabolism.

Keep your motivation high to help with confidence and staying on track. Moderation is key when it comes to weight management, in the beginning try giving yourself a “cheat” day once a week. Also called controlled eating, assign a day out of the week you can eat your favorite foods. This discipline allows you to stay on top of your game all week.

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