It Really IS Easy to be Green – Earth Day

We’ve got a huge planet, guys… like it’s really big. It’s easy to think that your actions – those of just one person – don’t make a difference in this world. Well, they TOTALLY do. The rad thing about society today is we are all connected. People can be thousands of miles apart and still “see” each other before they go to bed (thanks to that awesome thing… the inter-web). So when one person starts to make small changes, not only does it benefit their life, but the lives of all the people around them as well. Even if you don’t notice it! This snowball effect is how things get done on this planet we call Mother Earth and it’s about time we use it to our (& her) advantage!

So besides the typical Earth Day suggestions (plant a tree, recycle, carpool…. Save a horse – ride a cowboy) we decided to put together a different list of cool gestures that you can make on a daily basis to help save our little slice of paradise in this ginormous solar system.

Cruise Control

You paid good money for those extra buttons on your steering wheel, you might as well use them! Your carro actually gets 15% better mileage when you put that cruise control to work! Considering the price of gas right now, your wallet will probably be thanking you, too!

That Darn Coffee Cup

You’re going to buy that coffee either way, you might as well ditch the paper/plastic cup they give you and sip in style! Invest in your own (insulated) coffee cup. Not only will it help you express your own unique style and keep your cup o’ Joe hotter longer, but it will also cut down your waste of paper cups!

Like your coffee iced? …ditch the plastic straw and invest in a reusable one! Straw Envy helps you sip with ultimate flair! (P.S. you can also use their awesome straws on hot beverages, too!)

Laugh it Off

Why are you such a grump!? Laughter is the best medicine…. Wait, or was that caffeine? Anyway, laughing your buns off for 20 minutes a day can help save your sanity! I mean, we’re all going a little mad, but there’s no reason to be so tense all the time! Laughing is proven as a FREE anti-depressant! Just think about all that goes into anti-depressant pills these days: the research, chemicals, plastic bottles, paper labels, delivery services….. Yeah, let’s be GREEN & only need those when absolutely necessary. So laugh! Be happy! The coolest part is you can’t overdose! {wink}

Go Veggie

You don’t have to be a total vegetarian, but switching just one meal a week to an all veggie-fest can actually help save the planet! A lot of water, gas and forests are used to provide meat products! It requires 2,500 gallons of water to produce just one pound of beef! YIKES!

*Super cool green side note: Did you know that in 2009 Google bought a bunch of goats to mow their lawn!? How wicked is that! It is WAY cheaper than hiring a regular gardener who will probably be using gas powered tools. I request the highest of fives, Google.*


We understand that winter can be VERY cold, but there are times (say during spring) when we get chilly that shouldn’t require us to turn on the heater. Did you know that the best way to produce body heat is through physical contact? {wink} *Brown Chicken Brown Cow* Now, we’re not suggesting that you have to strip to your birthday suit every time you get chilly and cuddle your significant other – although, that’s not a bad idea. We’re simply reminding you that instead of turning on the heater every time you get a chill, you can heat up some tea and snuggle. You’ll both enjoy it & so will the environment!

Ultimately, it’s these small things (as well as the typical: recycle, upcycle & change out your  old bum light bulbs) that can really help our planet. As we celebrate and bring awareness to Earth Day, take a look at the things you do in your everyday life that can be tweaked just a little bit to help conserve energy, water & other precious elements. It doesn’t take a lot, just an effort!

Looking to Take Action for Earth Day? Check out They have so many more ways to help Mother Earth!

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rgan O’Donnell, Brand Ninja