Why We Love Fall

So it’s the beginning of September and I already want it to be summer again. What is it about the months of June, July, and August that make us so carefree and overall positively charged? For most people, September symbolizes the end of summer as the leaves begin to change and gradually fall to the ground. The beginning of the school year, cooler nights, and heavy holiday anticipation are to blame for our obvious mood change from August to September. Vacation is over, folks, back to the grind. Well, we hate to break up this pity party, but it doesn’t have to be that way! There are many things to enjoy as the season starts to change and here is our list of favorites for the fall season.

First things first, don’t get ahead of yourself. Don’t let the holidays taunt you when we are in the second week of September! Christmas and Hanukkah can wait! Make sure to live in the moment and enjoy the month that you are in. Savior it, guys.

The beauty of the season.

With our romantic hearts on our sleeve, we love to welcome fall, which officially starts September 23rd, with open arms. The weather becomes manageable again and the leaves turn colors that are so radiant, they paint a picture all on their own. Autumn brings orange, yellow, red, and brown back into the picture and we start to cozy up the house with a warm beverage, fuzzy blankets, the smell of cinnamon, and decorative pumpkins. How delightful! You have to admit there is something truly poetic about this time of year.

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Pumpkin, everything!

And while we’re on that subject… PUMPKIN EVERYTHING! Possibly our favorite part of autumn is seeing everything from candles to drinks to foods pop up with pumpkin spice; it truly makes the heart grow fonder. ..unless you’re not a fan of the traditional fall smell, in which case, sorry dude… Famed as the poster child of Autumnal scents, you can’t escape it even if you tried.

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Halloween, guys.

Regardless of your age, you have to admit that Halloween is pretty great. While some cultures celebrate the Day of the Dead and honor their loved ones, the majority of people simply dress up and eat tons of candy. For that day (or night) you can honestly be whatever you dream of and the creativity never stops. This day brings a lot of lighthearted fun to the fall season and that, we are thankful.

Sweaters and beanies and boots, oh my!

As that wonderful weather changes and we start to bundle up in the comfiest clothing humanly possible, we can’t help but fall in love with fall. Even though our HQ is in sunny, Southern California, we love the crisp breezes that come with the October month. (Yes, we know, it’s not considered a REAL season here, as we take out our surf boards and walk around in sandals year-round, but bear with us). You can’t deny that switching your wardrobe to cozy sweaters, cute beanies, and boots isn’t an awesome part of the year.

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We have a holiday that celebrates eating, guys. How much awesome can you possibly stuff into one holiday? Typically surrounded by friends and family, we are encouraged to stuff our faces and enjoy football games all day long. Aside from “dinner” being served at a strangely placed 2:30pm, this day is pure genius. When you’re starting to miss your long, summer days just think about how lovely it is to celebrate gratitude and eat your weight in turkey (or to-fu-rkey, if that’s your thing). And if you’re not grateful for that, we can’t help you… You must hate puppies, too. Not cool.

So the next time you start to drift off and think about those summer days, take a second and appreciate the season that is present. Because there is no time like the present. (Besides, if you REALLY need to get to a beach, might we suggest Miami, So Cal, or Hawaii… which are all lovely this time of year.) So go jump in a pile of colorful leaves, stuff yourself with delicious foods and pumpkin spiced everything, and cozy up in a soft sweater…

because autumn is here and we dig it.

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