Need a kick start to start your morning? Try these morning exercises for a natural energy boost!



-A simple walk may be able to give you the right boost of energy! Walking gets your blood circulating and promotes oxygen throughout the body. A 10-15 minute walk may be more beneficial than a 40 minute workout because you may feel tired after that. Get your morning started by taking a simple walk!



-There are many different types of crunches; side crunches, double crunches, twisted crunches, etc. All these types of crunches benefit in preventing lower back pain and tighten muscles. Do not do these for too long to prevent tiredness, 20 minutes tops is the perfect workout!


Wall Sit

-A simple 5 minute wall sit can tighten your muscles, balance, strength, and focus. A wall sit may get you to feel energized and confident!



-Yoga is not only a great energy booster, but also a spiritual booster like meditation. 25-30 minutes of Yoga would just be the right amount to get you energized and ready! Try these yoga poses here:


Try not to do these exercises for over 30 minutes, you would not want to tire yourself out for the rest of your day! Have more exercises you would like to add? Comment below!