Need natural energy boosters to keep you moving? Do you feel tired throughout the day but you don’t know how to restore your energy? We have a few tips for you to get you started!

Power Nap

A quick 10-20 minute power nap will provide a quick boost of alertness and energy. Do not oversleep! Get your power nap now and get going!

Eat Chia Seeds

-Chia seeds promote energy through its low carb protein, fats, and fiber. Add chia seeds to your smoothie or drink to get that kick punch to go!


-Exercising may strengthen muscles and promote healthy blood circulations. Exercise more to keep your energy levels consistent! A simple walk or workout can make a difference!


-A take a quick shower in cold water, it will definitely give you a jumpstart!

B Vitamins

-Greens such as asparagus contain B Vitamins that may support energy levels and a good source of fiber!

Drink Lots Of Water

-Dehydration can lead to lack of alertness. Drink water so it can boost your alertness and energy!

Herbal Supplements

-Try our energy supplements! Our energy supplements include herbs such as Asian Ginseng, Astragalus, Ophiopogon, Schisandra,and Grass-leaf Sweetflag to boost energy. Boing enhances energy without stimulants.


What to avoid when you are tired:



-Do not rely on caffeine

-Junk food

-Do not overwhelm yourself with tasks

Have any more tips on energy? Comment below!